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Episode 14, "We Are Like The Dreamer," of Twin Peaks: The Return ramped up the plot development to a full tilt. From Gordon remembering his latest Monica Bellucci dream to the story of the green-gloved Cockney, the hour was full of ins and outs that nevertheless brought the story forward in a way that only Lynch and Frost can.

But in and among the swirling vortexes and Lissie's killer performance at the Roadhouse are some fun Easter Eggs and references that make watching and rewatching that much more fulfilling. Did you catch all six of the nuggets below?

1. A Cheeky Beatles Reference

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

When Freddie Sykes relays the fascinating story of how he came to have a green-gloved hand with super-strength to James, at one point he busts out with a little reference to the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life," saying:

"Got up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across me head. And I went downstairs and had a cuppa."

This is almost the same as the Beatles' line:

"Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and drank a cup..."

James clearly got the reference, but we all know James has always been cool.

2. Billy, Is That You?

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

As we know, everyone's looking for Billy. At the end of Episode 7, a guy named Bing (played by David Lynch's son Riley, btw) comes into the Double R looking for Billy; in Episode 12, Audrey is in hysterics about Billy's (her lover) whereabouts and wants Charlie to help her search for him; and now in Episode 14 we find out that Tina also had something going on with Billy. Megan (Shane Lynch) recounts the last time she saw him — which was apparently the last time anyone saw him — saying that he showed up at the house where she was with her mom (and possibly her uncle, she's not sure); he was bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth and had a crazy look in his eyes. He hopped a 6 ft. fence to get to the house, then came in and hung his head in the kitchen sink before bolting out the door again.

While his antics might have been, erm, peculiar, this wasn't the first time we'd seen a man bleeding in this way during the episode: After Andy and the rest of the Twin Peaks police force brought a stunned Naido into a jail cell, she was left in the company of Chad and a man credited as "Drunk." The drunk's (Jay Aaseng) speech is limited to repeating what others say and parroting Naido's sounds, all while drooling blood all over the floor of the cell. Given the state of the "Drunk," and the noted blood gushing from his face, could he be the Billy we're after?

3. Sophie Is David Lynch's Real-Life Wife

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

In a fun little Easter Egg, David Lynch's wife, Emily Stofle, makes an appearance as Sophie, one of the two women talking in the Roadhouse booth. Emily and David met during the filming of Inland Empire (2006), in which she played a prostitute. They now live together in LA and have a child.

4. When Gordon Looks Back During His Monica Bellucci Dream, He Sees His Real-Life Exhibition Space

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

Probably one of the most fun Easter Eggs of the episode was spotted by Redditor charmonboz, who looked at a street view map of the Creperie Plougastel, where Gordon meets Bellucci.

If you look at the street view, you see that when Gordon looks back, he would be seeing a small gallery space (Idem Paris) that showed some of David Lynch's lithographs in an exhibition called "Plume of Desire" in 2016. Now, time to a) zoom in and see what that note on the door says, and b) pick apart all the lithographs for clues. Go!

5. David Bowie's Voice Dub

Although it's likely that David Bowie wasn't able to reprise his as Agent Jeffries in The Return before his death, he did appear in old footage from Fire Walk With Me in Episode 14, which was also dedicated to him. In the scene within Gordon's dream, we see Agent Jeffries walk into the FBI headquarters and point at Agent Cooper, saying, "Who do you think that is there?"

Many fans were quick to pick up on the fact that the line had been re-dubbed for The Return, but there's much confusion as to why. The only thing that changes is "that" becomes "this," as you can hear in the above video.

One fan, @ohhijordan, reached out to voice actor Nathan Frizzell to find out what was going on, and here's what he got back:

[Credit: Twitter @NathanFrizzell]
[Credit: Twitter @NathanFrizzell]

While it seems strange that "this" and "that" could be so different, it could be that the syntax somehow matched with a significant line in a future episode. I guess we'll find out (or not)!

6. Jake Wardle Was Discovered In The Most Bizarre Way

The actor who really stole our hearts in "We Are Like The Dreamer" was Jake Wardel as the green-gloved Cockney, Freddie Sykes. For those of you who don't know, Jake was behind the 2015 viral video in which he perfectly imitates accents from the English-speaking world. As the story goes, David Lynch saw this video and got in touch with him about a potential role a few years ago. Wardle's bio relays the full tale:

Whilst Jake was still at university, his original 2010 viral accents video caught the attention of highly acclaimed American director David Lynch, who promptly got in touch to discuss a potienital role for Jake in one of his upcoming projects. Jake then kept in regular contact with Lynch on Skype. In 2014 Lynch announced to Jake that he wanted to cast him in the upcoming return of his hit 90s TV show 'Twin Peaks'. This was to be Jake's big acting break, and in September 2015 production of the show began. In March 2016, Jake flew out to Los Angeles to film his scenes. The show is airing on Showtime Networks and Sky Atlantic.

The world is indeed a strange and wonderful place with David Lynch in it.

Did you notice anything else in Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 14?


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