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This week's episode of Twin Peaks was a big one for fans. Our beloved Agent Cooper finally woke up from his Dougie stupor and immediately assumed the role of the FBI Agent we've been craving to see all season. After we all finishing wiping the tears of joy from our eyes, it was clear that Episode 16, "No Knock, No Doorbell," itself was packed with some grim content (the confirmation of Audrey and Diane's rapes by Evil Cooper), and plenty of bizarre humor (Mitchum brothers FTW), but the whole thing was somehow permeated by the feeling that things are coming together naturally and harmoniously, akin to the sensation you get listening to the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl. Speaking of Tibetan singing bowls, did you notice that and these other four points in Episode 16?

1. The Same Sound Permeates The Hospital And The Great Northern

Just before Cooper finally wakes up, Bushnell Mullins is lured out of the hospital room by a mysterious sound — the same one that baffled Ben Horne and Beverly, and attracted James, up at the Great Northern some episodes earlier. Although no one is able to understand where the sound comes from, it seems to be very similar to that made by a Tibetan singing bowl. Whether it's there as a sign of some sort of positive Lodge energy, or simply to spread a feeling of harmony remains to be explained (or, knowing Lynch's work, not).

2. The Great Northern Desk Clerk Is Now A Doctor

Sharp-eyed Redditor sonnyjimjones2017 noticed that the doctor who examines Cooper in the hospital has appeared in Twin Peaks before. Back in 1991, actress Bellina Logan first played a desk clerk at the Great Northern. Although it's not clear that they're meant to be the same person in Twin Peaks, why wouldn't they be, eh?

3. What's Up With The Twin Peaks Accountants?

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

The accountants on Twin Peaks show up when you least expect them. From the very first scene in the town of Twin Peaks when the accountant/insurance agent shows up looking for "Sheriff Truman" to Episode 13's The Farm Accountant who coldly asks Evil Cooper if he needs money while he's in the midst of offing Ray, to the hot-tempered Polish Accountant in Episode 16, we've now had three sightings of this strange breed of human. But what do they signify? What is their purpose?

The first accountant served the purpose of helping us discover that a different Sheriff Truman was in charge at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, and his brother — the one we knew from the OG series — was sick; the second was a jarring appearance that made the Ray/Evil Cooper scene that much more bizarre; and the third arrived as a total deus ex machina to kill off Chantal and Hutch, eliminating them as a threat to Agent Cooper. It seems that whatever they are, the accountants on Twin Peaks show up when there's just no other man for the job. Got a theory? Please post it in the comments!

4. What Is A Tulpa?

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

After this episode, the discussion of what a tulpa exactly is has blown up. Although the term was first casually mentioned in Episode 14 — with Tammy referring to Lois Duffy's (the woman who birthed the term "blue rose") doppelgänger as a tulpa — it resurfaced again in Episode 16, when Tammy exclaimed "They're real. That was a real tulpa!" after they shoot Diane and she disappears.

Now, this is where things get a little tricky because a tulpa in Twin Peaks seems to be different than a tulpa according to Tibetan mysticism. While the term seems to describe either a doppelgänger and/or a "manufactured" person (as Dougie was) on the show, it originated as a word to describe a kind of made up person that someone can create with years of purposeful thought. That being lives within the individual, but is separate from them and can even be allowed to control the body they share at certain points.

Although the concept of the tulpa doesn't seem to fully connect to the one on the show, it would be interesting to understand if tulpas, doppelgängers, and manufactured people are in fact meant to be different on Twin Peaks. If so, then someone must have created Diane either just as they created Dougie (meaning Evil Cooper would be "the dreamer" in this case), or each of these characters was practicing Tibetan mysticism and creating tulpas all on their own. Any other ideas?

5. The Music Plays Backward At The End

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

At the end of the Audrey dance scene, we see her appear to "wake up," staring horrified at her reflection in a round mirror as the sound of electricity buzzes around her. When the shot cuts back to the stage at the Roadhouse for the final credits, the band is still playing her tune, but it's all backwards. I'm not so sure this really means that we're now entering a different dimension, or that the Roadhouse is somehow inside the Black Lodge, but it definitely creates a sinister effect that leaves us with a deep feeling of unease going into next week's finale episodes.

Did you notice anything else in Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 16?


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