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Since the start of Twin Peaks Season 3, us fans have been delighted to delve once more into the black velvet of and Mark Frost's expanded minds. Now that the fifth installment out of The Return's 18 is out on , it's time for the ritual picking apart and speculating about what we just witnessed — and Episode 5 gave us plenty to work with. From behind-the-scenes familial cameos to (literal) blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, let's see if you noticed all these little details in Episode 5, or if you need to place a "Donut Disturb" sign on the door and head back for a rewatch (and, actually, why wouldn't you anyway?).

1. Richard Horne

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

About mid-way through the episode, we took a trip to the Bang Bang Bar in . Since most episodes so far have ended with a gig under the club's purple lights, it was surprising to see us arrive there early; but we weren't left wondering for long as we got a chilling introduction to a new character, Richard Horne. Played by actor Eamon Farren (whose face looks like it was meant to be in a Lynch production), Richard Horne is clearly up to no good: He smokes right next to a No Smoking sign and refuses to put out his cigarette when asked, and he full-on assaults a woman from the neighboring booth when she asks him for a light.

But while the character is giving off full bonkers Frank Booth (from Blue Velvet) vibes, his name suggests we might already be familiar with his family on Twin Peaks. Speculation points to a few of possibilities: 1) He's Audrey Horne's son, 2) He's Jerry Horne's son, and 3) He's Ben Horne's son. The first option seems to be garnering the most support, and some have taken the theory even further, suggesting that he's the child of Audrey and Agent Cooper's doppelgänger.

Taking this speculation even further, please remember back to the very first scene with ??????? (the Giant) and Cooper. ??????? tells Cooper to "Remember 430. Richard and Linda." Could this be the Richard Cooper needs to remember? If so, when will we meet Linda, and who is she?

2. Backwards Fingerprints

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) might not have been part of that secret meeting between Gordon Cole and Albert after first seeing doppelCoop (Cooper's evil doppelgänger), but she's no fool (as anyone who's read The Secret History of Twin Peaks knows). She clearly sensed that something was off about the Dale Cooper they'd been confronted with in the South Dakota prison and starts carefully examining the evidence at her disposal. As she's looking at Agent Cooper's original fingerprints paired with those of Cooper's evil doppelgänger, you might have been able to see that doppelCoop's fingerprints were the exact reverse of OG Coop's. Not so curious if you know anything about the Black Lodge, but definitely a telling clue for the FBI, suggesting that Cooper is not what he seems.

3. Does Sonny Jim Blink Backwards?

Speaking of backwards Black Lodge-isms, there was a hot debate going on in the Reddit community about whether or not Dougie's son, Sonny Jim, actually blinked backwards while sitting in the car. It's literally a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, so we've cobbled together a video of the original backwards blink and the reverse backwards blink (see above) for your easy comparison. If you were previously unconvinced (as I was), this footage might change your mind, and the implications of backwards anything happening outside the Black Lodge are chilling to contemplate. However, this wouldn't be the first time a Black Lodger got caught doing something in reverse in the real world: In Episode 4, when doppelCoop first sees Cole and Albert in the prison, he says, "It's yrev very good to see you again, old friend." Classic Black Lodge slip-ups. We'll be on the lookout for more.

4. David Lynch's Son Was In The Band At The Bang Bang Bar

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

You know that hopping tune playing in the bar during our intro to Richard Horne? Turns out David Lynch's son, Riley Lynch, is in the band Trouble responsible for it.

Check out the full song:

And be sure to check out our post on all the music at the end of Season 3's episodes.

5. Mike Nelson Is Back

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

Episode 5 finally gave us our first glimpse of Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger). All these years later, Mike seems to have wised up — exemplified by his doling out of harsh but necessary advice to coked up Steven Burnett. However, way back when, Mike was Bobby Briggs's best friend and together they got involved in some pretty shady shit, including drug dealing. At the beginning of Season 1, he was briefly dating Donna Hayward, but as Donna moved on with James, Mike eventually ended up with Nadine after she returned to high school, believing herself to be about 17 years old. The last time we'd seen him, Nadine had no longer recognized him after her abrupt return to reality, and we still don't know if they somehow reconciled.

Did you notice anything else in Episode 5 of Twin Peaks Season 3?


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