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As we continue to ease back into Twin Peaks, the references are coming thick and fast. Episode 6 gave us plenty to work with; from bloody murders perpetrated by Ike "The Spike" Stadtler set to a killer beat, and a criminal magician called Red, to a devastating hit and run, we sure weren't lacking for terror and intrigue. But, as is so often the case with , peering beneath the surface can reveal little nuggets of knowledge that make the viewing (and re-viewing) experience all the more enriching. So, with that, here are some things you might have missed during Episode 6:

1. The Intersection Where The Kid Gets Hit By The Truck Is In Fire Walk With Me

[Credit: CBS/New Line Cinema]
[Credit: CBS/New Line Cinema]

The death of the child, hit by Richard's truck, was one of the most poignant scenes of the episode. Some eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that another deeply troubling scene took place in the exact same location in Fire Walk With Me. At this the same intersection, the One Armed Man (Mike) frantically pulls his car around the bend and yells out his window at Leland while he's forced to wait behind a truck, with Laura shrieking in fear next to him.

2. Have We Found Linda?

As Mickey (Jeremy Lindholm), one of the residents at the New Fat Trout Trailer Park, gets a ride with Carl into town, he mentions a Linda:

"I gotta pick up Linda's mail at the P.O. ... She's doing a lot better. Got the government agencies to finally get one of them electric wheelchairs."

To which Carl responds:

"Fucking war."

Whether or not this is the Linda ??????? (the Giant) mentioned at the beginning of Season 3 — when he tells Cooper to "Remember 430. Richard and Linda" — remains to be seen. We already met a Richard (Horne) last episode, but of course we'll only know the significance of these names for sure when chooses to reveal it.

Side note: Some have been confused about the Fat Trout Trailer Park apparently being moved all the way from Deer Meadow, Oregon to Twin Peaks, Washington; however, notice that the sign says this is the New Fat Trout Trailer Park. Clearly Carl decided at some point to pick up shop and move somewhere else.

3. The Nez Perce

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

The Nez Perce were an important Native American tribe in the north-west of the US, and their lore plays a big part in Mark Frost's The Secret History of Twin Peaks. While the appearance of their name in the bathroom of the Twin Peaks Police Department might just be a nod to the book (and Hawk's heritage), it certainly deserves a closer look.

In the book, it is revealed that the Nez Perce chief, Twisted Hair, had the ring with the owl symbol on it we know so well. When explorer Meriwether Lewis first came into contact with the tribe, Twisted Hair told him the ring was given to him by white men who inhabit the area around modern-day Twin Peaks (contradicting Lewis's previous belief that he and Clark were the first white men to make it to that area). Twisted Hair drew Lewis a map and gave him the ring — which he said was connected to the spirit world — to bring with him on a venture to what we now know as Glastonbury Grove, through which he entered the Black Lodge and came out raving and disheveled several weeks later.

4. The Same Utility Pole From Fire Walk With Me Shows Up

[Credit: CBS/New Line Cinema]
[Credit: CBS/New Line Cinema]

After the little boy is hit by Richard Horne's truck, the scene pulls away to a nearby utility pole with the numbers 324810 and a big 6 on it. This same exact pole appears near the old Fat Trout Trailer Park in Fire Walk With Me. Just how that pole got from Deer Meadow to Twin Peaks remains a mystery.

5. What's In Those Pages?

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

One of the most exciting parts of the episode came when Hawk discovered "what was missing" in the bathroom of the Twin Peaks Police Department. After removing the panelling from one of the doors, he takes out some pages that've been in there for god knows how long. But what do they contain?

There seem to be two possibilities: Either the pages are from Laura Palmer's diary or they are a note from Mike. If you remember back to Fire Walk With Me, Laura tells Harold some pages were taken out of her secret diary, likely by Bob — the pages where she'd written what Annie told her in a dream: "The good Dale [Cooper] is in the Lodge and he can't leave." It could be that Mike was somehow able to retrieve them after Laura's murder and stash them in the police station.

We also know that Mike spent quite some time in the bathroom at the Twin Peaks Police Department as he was having one of his fits. That's really the only time we've been in there, so going back to the scene seems a clear indication of Mike's involvement.

The other possibility is that Mike wrote a letter himself and stuck it back there for someone to find at the right time, but my money's on the pages being from Laura's secret diary.

6. Dougie's Boss, Bushnell Mullins

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

Some eagle-eyed fans might have already spotted this one in last week's episode, but Dougie's boss is Bushnell Mullins (Don Murray), the same man depicted in the boxing champion poster behind him.

Did you notice anything else in Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 6?


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