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Compared to last week's episode, Twin Peaks Episode 9 seemed practically tame! We found ourselves back on course with regular plot developments — bar Dougie still mercifully being Dougie — such as major Major Briggs reveals (and Bobby being his best self *sob*), Evil Cooper going on the war path, Gordon, Albert, Diane, and Tammy sensing a Blue Rose case on their hands, and Jerry Horne's foot having a life of its own — not to mention the adorable antics of Lucy and Andy.

But amidst Albert's zingers ("What happens in Season 2?", "Fruitcake, anyone?"), there were some great Easter Eggs and references scattered around this episode. Check out six of 'em below:

1. 'The Search For The Zone' Is A Real ARG Website

When Agent Tammy Preston interviews Bill Hastings at the Buckhorn Police Station, she asks him about an occult website called The Search for the Zone he founded with his murdered lover, Ruth Davenport. Apparently they were able to access another dimension and used this website to discuss their findings.

As it turns out, the website was created sometime last year as an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) for the show. Its '90s layout isn't the only impressive thing to be found there — it's a treasure trove of Easter Eggs, not least:

  • Coordinates: If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and hover your cursor just above the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use links, these coordinates are illuminated: 44°30'44.8"N 103°49'14.6"W 44.512439, -103.820707. If you take a look at them on a map, they land in a meadow by Lookout Mt. Road in Spearfish, South Dakota. Someone get out there, stat!

Other things to be found on the site include links to articles on parallel universes, time travel, electricity, and more. Curiously, the bio also states that a Heinrich Viegel also occasionally contributes to the site. But who is he?

2. The Man Who Smashed Into The Wall Is (Was?) Johnny Horne

[Credit: ABC/Showtime]
[Credit: ABC/Showtime]

In the middle of the episode we head over to Twin Peaks, where a rogue Johnny Horne — Audrey's mentally ill younger brother — is running through the house while his mother, Sylvia, tries to find him. Johnny (now played by Eric Rondell) apparently slams into a wall at full tilt, smashing straight into a framed photo of the Snoqualmie Falls. It's unclear whether the blow actually killed him or just knocked him out, but there are a couple things to note here:

This is far from first time we've seen a Twin Peaks character smash into a wall. Remember the terrifying murder of Laura's cousin, Maddy? Or when Ben Horne crunched into the fireplace at the Hayward home? And, of course, when Cooper's doppelgänger knocks his noggin against the mirror in the finale? Head smashing seems to be a theme, if nothing else.

Also, if Johnny is indeed dead or severely injured, does this mean Audrey will be coming back to town for the funeral or hospital visit?

3. We've Seen That Second Piece Of Paper Before

Paper from OG series (above), paper from Season 3 (below) [Credit: ABC/Showtime]
Paper from OG series (above), paper from Season 3 (below) [Credit: ABC/Showtime]

The second piece of paper in Major Briggs's secret collection looks exactly like the message his project received from a deep space monitor, which he shared with Agent Cooper in the original series. Check out the scene in Season 2, Episode 2, "Coma":

However, there's a noted difference. In addition to the surrounding numbers being different, in the original series clip we see the paper reads "Cooper" more than three times, whereas the scroll that appears in Season 3 has only two "Coopers" on it, leading Hawk to say, "two Coopers." However, the two "Coopers" correspond with Bill Hastings's testimony from when he saw Major Briggs in another dimension:

"He said some words, 'Cooper, Cooper,' right before us, then disappeared."

4. Quoted The Episode Before It Aired, Again

As you might remember from Episode 8, "Got A Light," the Woodsman's quote ("This is the water, and this is the well...") creepily ended up on the website before the episode even aired. Well, now the website has struck again and this week's quote — the content of the message apparently sent from Mr. C (Evil Cooper) to Diane — again appeared at the bottom of the page before the episode aired anywhere:

around the dinner table the conversation is lively


The upper and lower cased variations are no coincidence either. The message Mr. C sends from his phone is in lower case, but the message received by Diane is in all caps. There's also another difference, in the message Diane gets, there's a comma after "table" and a period at the end of the sentence, both of which don't appear in Cooper's original message. Perhaps he sent his message to a different person, who then sent it, slightly altered, to Diane?

5. Evil Cooper's Symbol Is On The Note From Major Briggs

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

The first page of Major Briggs's note and the playing card Mr. C shows Darya before killing her in Episode 2 have the same clownish symbol on them. Perhaps that is the doppelgänger's symbol, which would mean the red circle represents the Good Dale.

6. Ella Scratches Her Left Arm

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

While we might all have been fixated on the horrifying sound made by Ella (Sky Ferreira) as she scratched her nasty rash while talking to Chloe (Karolina Wydra) at the Roadhouse, some might have spotted that she wasn't just itching any old location. The left arm has traditionally been a point of connection with the Black Lodge on Twin Peaks, with many characters feeling numbness in that arm (most notably Teresa Banks, Laura, Dougie) before having Lodge experiences. Indeed, the spirit Mike even went so far as to chop off his own left arm (bearing the tattoo "Fire Walk With Me") to rid himself of the Lodge's evil.

Whether or not Ella scratching her left arm will mean anything in the episodes to come remains to be seen, but it's definitely something that bears noting.

Did you notice anything else in Twin Peaks, Episode 9?


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