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Well, the end is finally here, my dear Twin Peaks fans. The finale went out with a bang — or should I say scream? — on Sunday, and while opinions have been divisive to say the least, there's no question that what we've witnessed over the past 18 hours has been an experience that will likely change the scope of TV shows once again, just as the original series did back in the early '90s.

Although the bittersweet ending left us all gawping at the screen for a good few minutes (hours? days? years?), it's now time to take a look back at Episodes 17 ("The Past Dictates The Future") and 18 ("What Is Your Name?") of The Return to frantically grab at anything that might be tangible in this mauve sea of tantalizing, unanswered questions. Let's take a look at five things you'd be forgiven for having missed in the Twin Peaks Season 3 finale:

1. 交代 Jiāo Dài = To Explain/To Make Clear In Mandarin

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

At the beginning of Episode 17, Gordon reveals to Tammy and Albert that Major Briggs had disclosed to both him and Cooper his discovery of "an extreme, negative force" known as Jiāo Dài, a name which eventually became "Judy."

While we can assume that Judy is the creature we saw slice up the young couple in Episode 1, and birth Bob in Episode 8, even after Episode 18 we weren't quite sure where she'd ended up or what she was up to. However, after looking up the meaning behind jiāo dài, it seems there's something more meta lurking there. Jiāo dài translates from Mandarin to "to explain" or "to make clear," and anyone who's finished Episode 18 of The Return (or seen any of Lynch's other films, for that matter) knows that to Lynch, a clear explanation is the ultimate enemy. As Lynch himself said, "The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is."

2. Cooper Leading Laura Through The Woods Gave Off Orpheus/Eurydice Vibes

I don't know about you, but in the scene at the end of Episode 17/beginning of Episode 18, the way Cooper was leading Laura through the woods immediately reminded me (and evidently Twitter user Kryssie Horne) of the tale of Orpheus going to the underworld to rescue his lady love, Eurydice. In the myth, he is instructed not to look back at her until they're out of the underworld, for if he does she will have to stay there forever. Although Cooper looks back at Laura plenty of times, the visuals are nonetheless similar, and even her sudden disappearance is reminiscent of this ancient Greek tale.

3. The Song Playing When Cooper And Diane Make Love Was Playing On The Radio In Episode 8

The mesmerizing scene in which Cooper and Diane arrive at a motel in a new dimension and proceed to get it on was layered with a deep sense of unease. The sappy tune "My Prayer" provided the soundtrack at points (also overlaid by some even more unsettling sounds), but we've actually heard this one before in an equally disturbing scene. In Episode 8, when the Lincoln-eque Woodsman enters the radio station and proceeds to gruesomely dispatch of those working there, "My Prayer" is once again blasting merrily. Oh, and one of the guys in the band, The Platters, is named David Lynch.

4. The Motel And Car Change Overnight

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

When Cooper and Diane arrive at the motel in the middle of the night, they check into Room 7. However, when Cooper wakes up to the note from Diane addressing him as Richard and herself as Linda, he walks out to discover the motel has changed. In fact, even his car is a different model.

5. The Woman Who Plays Alice Tremond Is The Actual Current Owner Of The Palmer House

Blurring real life with fiction in the most satisfying way, the woman who owns the house at 708 33rd Street, Everett, Washington that was used as the Palmer residence is the actual owner. Mary and Timothy Reber bought the house in 2014, and it's sweet to see that they got to participate in the Twin Peaks madness — and in the final scene no less.

Did you spot anything else in the Twin Peaks Season 3 finale?


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