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If you've seen the first four episodes of Twin Peaks Season 3, you might have caught the mention of a certain Blue Rose and wondered, "Where have I heard that before?" Although the term doesn't appear in the first two seasons of , it is mentioned in the prequel movie, Fire Walk With Me, after Lil the Dancer briefs agents Chet Desmond and Sam Stanley using an interpretive dance. The clues lie in how she moves and what she's wearing — and one item is a blue rose pinned to her breast (seen in the above picture). But just what does it mean?

Blue Rose Is A Type Of FBI Case

Although Agent Desmond informs Agent Stanley that he cannot tell him the significance of the blue rose pinned to Lil the Dancer's dress, it comes up again later in when Agent Cooper records one of his messages to Diane and says, "Not only has Agent Chester Desmond disappeared but this is one of [Gordon] Cole's Blue Rose cases." From just this, we can deduce that "Blue Rose" is code for a type of case run by the FBI — or at least by Gordon Cole (played by ).

Since then, speculation has been rife that Blue Rose cases are those dealing with supernatural circumstances, since blue roses cannot be found in nature. And indeed, the whispered exchange between Albert and Gordon after they meet Cooper's doppelgänger at the end of Season 3 Episode 4 lends credence to the theory. When Gordon asks, "Do you understand this situation, Albert?" He responds, "Blue Rose." Gordon agrees with, "Doesn't get any bluer," which suggests they're both on the same page about there being a supernatural element to this Cooper case.

A tumblr user came up with a couple more theories about Blue Rose, specifically highlighting that Blue Rose cases could have to do with Major Briggs's Project Blue Book investigations taking place in deep space. This last point would coincide well with the way Blue Rose is brought back into our lives in Season 3.

What Does 'Blue Rose' Mean In Season 3?

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

In Episode 3, Agent Cooper finds himself atop a floating station of sorts with a woman with no eyes. After she pulls the lever to make the banging stop, an electric current runs through her and she's blown off the station, falling into nothingness. As Cooper gazes down, the gigantic face of Major Briggs appears, floating by, and says two words: "Blue Rose."

But it doesn't end there. Cooper descends back into the station to find the scene has changed and a different woman is sitting with her back to him. As he looks around the new surroundings, he spots the same contraption on the wall (only the big number has become 3 instead of 15), and on the table beside it sits a blue rose. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but the imagery says volumes.

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

It's certainly no coincidence that we see a blue rose just after Cooper sees Major Briggs's disembodied space face say "Blue Rose," but what the hell does it mean?

Personally, I think the symbol of the blue rose and Blue Rose cases are two different things, although they do have overlap. While a Blue Rose case seems more straightforward as a concept, just seeing a blue rose gives way to myriad meanings that go deeper than just "this is a supernatural circumstance." Either way, it sure seems like Blue Rose will be an important term to watch out for as we wade through the rest of the wonderful and strange Twin Peaks Season 3.

What do you think blue roses mean on Twin Peaks?


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