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Nearing the end of Episode 5 of the glorious new Twin Peaks season, we met a new character sitting at a booth by himself in the Bang Bang Bar. Smoking next to a No Smoking sign, bribing a bouncer (Chad from the Twin Peaks police department), and physically assaulting a young woman are just some of the nasty things on this boy's repertoire, but who the hell is he?

While we haven't seen him before, we'd recognize those arched eyebrows anywhere, and his credit at the end of the episode as good as confirms it: He's a Horne. Richard Horne, to be precise. But exactly where is he placed in the Horne family tree?

Is He Audrey Horne's Son?

Many have speculated that he's Audrey's son, but that's not to say Ben or Jerry couldn't be — having both slept around Twin Peaks like two randy rabbits. But assuming Richard is Audrey's son, it would mean that she'd had him not long after the end of Season 2 in 1991. Eamon Farren, who portrays him on the show, is 32 years old, but he could definitely pass for a mid-20-something, so that theory could very well check out.

[Update: As of Episode 10, it appears Richard Horne is definitely Audrey's son since Silvia (Audrey's mother) is mentioned as his grandmother.]

The next hot theory about his identity has to do with his father. Who would birth such a cretin? A lot of fan money is riding on it being Agent Cooper's evil doppelgänger (doppelCoop), sometime before he disappeared from . This theory certainly makes sense just based on Richard's unsavory character, but we all know that evil isn't necessarily genetic.

In fact, another possibility is that Richard might not even be a Horne from the renowned Twin Peaks family; although this last idea seems rather unlikely since coincidences of that nature are few and far between in productions.

Richard And Linda

Last but not least, let's not forget that we've been on the lookout for the name Richard since ??????? (the Giant) told Agent Cooper in the very first scene in Season 3:

"Remember 430. Richard and Linda."

If this is the Richard ol' ??????? was referring to, where is/who is Linda? [Update: We might have caught wind of her in Episode 6, but it could be a red herring.]

As much of a mindfuck as this all is, I'm thoroughly unconcerned about the answers and am honestly just enjoying the journey there. How about you?

What's your Richard Horne theory? Spill it in the comments!


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