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In the wake of a less than glowing debut of 's first attempt at a TV show with the Netflix Original Series Hemlock Grove, it seems like the entertainment provider is being persistent and forging ahead with more original programming. The latest show to fall into Netflix's sights is the reboot of Twin Peaks that was linked to NBC earlier this year.

According to Welcome to Twin Peaks, after fruitless talks between NBC and creators and , the internet entertainment destination is ready to snap up a possible reboot of the groundbreaking 90s noirish thriller series. This could not come at a better time, with Peaks' twenty-fifth anniversary coming up. Netflix's Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, said that he would be "absolutely" interested in bringing the series back.

Whether or not it would be a straight-up reboot is still unclear. It could very well be that the reboot is actually taking place 25 years into the future. This makes sense as at the end of Episode 2 of Season 1, Agent Cooper () has a dream of himself 25 years later. Twin Peaks is very much defined by its forays into dreams, predictions and the subconscious, so this would be a fitting way to make these connections and capitalize on the timing.

Having grown up watching the show, I admit that I'm curious as to where a new series would take it, or even how it would be styled to suit a contemporary audience. I would hope that it will stick to its ethereal, almost absurdist dark poeticism; it would almost be a shame to watch it devolve into the shock values of simple graphic violence, like so many current shows do. If Netflix really is trying to bill itself as a home for innovative programming, then this could really be something equally as breakthrough as it's predecessor. That said, I found Hemlock Grove to be really uneven and at times totally cringeworthy. Let's not forget that HG is in part inspired by Twin Peaks.

Do you want to see Twin Peaks make a comeback? Is Netflix the place to do it? Let me know your opinions on this and what the story should be in the comments.


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