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Brian Salisbury

There was a time, namely right after the release of The Sixth Sense, in which it would have been impossible to imagine being able to secretly direct a movie. Even given the fact that his rise to prominence preceded the innumerable ubiquitous social media services, there's no way we wouldn't have heard something about it.

And yet now it seems a string of flops and failures has allowed M. Night the ability to operate a bit more clandestinely. The director recently tweeted this image of a slate for a movie that nobody seemed to know he was working on. According to the tweet, Shyamalan was just finishing up day five of shooting on Sundowning.

What's it about? No clue. But prevailing rumor is that it's a horror film. Even Shyamalan's scariest offerings would still be at most categorized as thrillers, so that would be an interesting change of pace for him. would be making a good movie.

What do you guys think?

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