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There isn't much time until American Horror Story returns to our screens, yet the theme and storyline for Season 7 are still very much shrouded in mystery, much like last year's Roanoke season. Murphy has already provided fans of the horror series with a look at three terrifying new monsters that will feature in Season 7: an elephant man, an ambidextrous demon and a new monstrosity that is hard to describe.

While we anticipate more information on the themes of Season 7 soon, Murphy took to Instagram to confirm the return of a much loved character, and yes you should be frightened — it's Twisty the clown! Check out 's post below:

While some of us were expecting to see one or two family faces during the seventh season of American Horror Story, we definitely weren't expecting to see Twisty back this season, or any season for that matter. Regardless, this isn't be the fist time that has brought back a character from a previous season — Lily Rabe's character from Asylum reappeared during Freak Show, while Sarah Paulson's Murder House character, Billie Dean Howard, popped up again the Hotel finale.

How Will Twisty Return?

What has left us slightly confused is how exactly Twisty will reappear on the anthology series. The character died during the Freak Show season, which was set during 1952, and the crazed clown found peace as Edward Mordrake's ghostly accomplice.

This is where the problem arises: Season 7 will begin during the 2016 presidential election, confirming a modern-day setting; Twisty would be dead for many years by the time Season 7 begins. However, as this is American Horror Story we're talking about, there is another possibility: perhaps the creepy Edward Mordrake exists in the seventh season's world — and if so, we could see the dastardly ghouls show up during the present-day to claim some more souls. Or perhaps Twisty will only appear via flashback; American Horror Story is certainly a fan of lengthy flashbacks so perhaps one of the primary characters will have had a run in with the murderous clown back in the '50s.

Murphy's Instagram post suggests that Twisty has become a bit of a legend in this new world, inspiring a comic book series in his honor. There's no official word on whether actor John Carroll Lynch, who played the crazy clown, will return for Season 7, but the confirmation that we'll be revising the Twisty character again is already enough to give us nightmares.

In addtion to the return of Twisty, Murphy has confirmed that regular AHS cast members and will return, and Peters has already been spotted on set sporting several different hair colors — one of them reminiscent of his X-Men character. Moreover, Popular actress Leslie Grossman, Arrow's Colton Haynes, comedian Billy Eichner and Scream Queens actress Billie Lourd will all be joining the show this season. With so much to look forward to, this could be the greatest season of American Horror Story yet.

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