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2017 may as well pack up its bags and head home immediately for the year has just been won, and it's all thanks to a picture shared on Instagram starring Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Marshall Mathers. However, it's not the threesome of verified Rap Gods that has grabbed the spotlight, no — it's the smattering of hair on Eminem's lower facial region.

Yep, Eminem has a beard now, and the divided opinions regarding his newly sprouted face fuzz have created something of a cultural frenzy. And it's as brilliant as it is completely ridiculous. Here's the pic:

The pic was snapped at the premier of HBO's four-part documentary series , which tells the story of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's partnership — teaser trailer at the bottom of the article — and while you'd think that most people (i.e. me) would be phwoaring over that tasty specimen sandwich, it was Em's lumbersexual aesthetic that grabbed the most attention.

Honestly, Y'All Act Like You've Never Seen A Bearded Person Before

Jaws All On The Floor

Like Pam And Tommy Just Walked In The Door

...Then They Started Whoopin' Em's Ass Worse Than Before

Seriously though, "Knox," that's just rude.

Of course, not all the reactions were WTF-esque. Thankfully, some people have eyes, a brain, and a soul — in other words, they know the 44-year-old still looks damn good.

Someone Put Ice On Him, Stat

Haters Gonna Hate

Day = Done

Actually, Make That Year

And, Most Importantly:

The Defiant Ones premieres July 9 at 9PM on HBO. Check out the teaser below:

On a scale of one to duh, how high is your attraction to Eminem's new fuzz face?


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