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We've long been prepared for this moment, and yet us fans were still not quite ready. That's right, Doctor Who aired Season 10's Episode 11 last Saturday night, leaving us begging for answers and wanting more following the tragic events that occurred.

"World Enough and Time," written by departing showrunner Steven Moffat, was an action-packed episode that gave us the unconfirmed exit of Pearl Mackie, with her character Bill tragically shot and converted into a Mondasian Cyberman. Not only that, John Simm also returned to as the Master in the most jaw-dropping way. Simm starred alongside Michelle Gomez's Missy in what turned out to be a cold, dark installment that gave us the first time in Doctor Who history that two Masters have stood alongside each other in one episode. This, of course, was a history-making event in the Doctor Who universe, marked as the "Day of the Master."

During Episode 11, fans also caused Twitter to explode as they posted a deluge of reactions following Bill's "death" and the return of Simm, with the series trending on the social platform as soon as the episode aired.

Note: This article contains spoilers for "World Enough and Time."

The Reactions From The Fans

Starting off the batch of tweets, one fan said his heart was racing all throughout "World Enough and Time."

Another fan was surprised by how creepy the original Cybermen are. Believe me, you'd want to hide behind the sofa to save yourself, but know that you can't as you want to see what surprises are to come.

One fan was "sucked into the programme" within the first few minutes. That's understandable, especially after that huge shock during the pre-titles scene.

Did you scream at the cliffhanger like one fan did? I mean, it's understandable if you did — it was certainly unpredictable.

"World Enough and Time" was the episode fans have been asking for since the revival of the story arc "Genesis of the Cybermen."

Doctor Who fans have a week to recover following these events, but stand by for the penultimate episode of the season, "The Doctor Falls." The finale has been described as a bloodbath and will be an extended episode, by 15 minutes. Episode 12 will see 's final turn as the Doctor come to an end before he bows out this Christmas.

The next Doctor Who episode, "The Doctor Falls," airs Saturday, July 1. What are you expecting to see in the final episode of Season 10? Sound off in the comments below and check out our sneak peek at the trailer.


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