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Today, one will permit to breathe a sigh of relief — for one acknowledges that the streaming giant took a huge risk in spending the price of a decent diamond collection on their latest mini-series but, thank heavens, it seems to have paid off.

Over previous weeks, hype surrounding their new prestige drama, , has been astronomical. Not only (though mostly) because the series is the most expensive in , clocking in at a whopping $13 million PER episode, but also because, whether they want to admit it or not, everyone loves having a snoop at those much fancier than ourselves.

The show is based on the scandalous, sumptuous lives of those within the British monarchy, namely the first five years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign — the queen still firmly plonked upon the throne today — and the socioeconomic struggles swirling around her in the 1950s. Despite hitting Netflix mere hours ago, people are already throwing themselves fully into binge-mode.

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However, if you don't always trust the pre-hype nor judgement of critics, please let these tweets do the talking:

1. Opening Credits Got You Like:

2. It'll Make You Want Take A Knee:

3. And Encourage Forbidden Crushes

4. (As Worrying As They May Be)

5. Your Weekend Is Totally Covered

6. It's Not All Prim And Proper

7. It's Actually Just Legit Great

8. The Soundtrack's A Corker* Too

*That's British for "brilliant."

9. It'll Make You FEEL Things

10. And Reconsider Friendships

So, all in all, you should probably go watch it now. Like, immediately. And, when you've done that — let us know what you think in the comments!


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