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Mark Newton

The Riddick trailer has finally arrived and, as would be expected, the first instant reactions have made their way online. Whereas in years past we kept our opinions to ourselves or talked about them down the pub, now we bark them out in 140 (or less) characters for the entire world to see.

To try and get a general consensus from the entire Twittersphere is a little bit tricky, but I have trawled through the internet to try and grab a representative cross section of opinion.

According to TweetFeel, the Riddick trailer is currently being talked about positively in around 79% of tweets, while negative words have been used in 11%. Below are some examples of both:

But the praise certainly wasn't universal. Here are some slightly less positive tweets:

And now, just to be interesting, here is a schizophrenic tweet from someone who hated it, but liked it at the same time:

So there you have it, at the moment most people are prepared to pile praise upon the trailer. Those who were negative tended to criticize what the trailer showed, as opposed to the quality of the film.

Still not seen the trailer? Well head over to here to catch it. If you have, why not give me your opinion below.

How would you review the Riddick trailer in 140-characters or less?


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