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Amy Schumer has signed on to play the titular role in the upcoming live-action Barbie film, based off the classic Mattel toy line. As far as we know, the plot for the film revolves around Barbie being kicked out of Barbie-Land for not being "perfect" enough – she then sets out on a journey of self-discovery, and learns that real beauty comes from within.

But before we continue, watch the star in action in Inside Amy Schumer below:

The new direction is a refreshing take – and probably one of the more intelligent stories involving the iconic doll. And it cannot be argued that with boldly taking the property in a more positive direction, she is steering away from unrealistic examples of the female form that have been around for decades.

Despite this, it appears that people are having a big problem with a film that is trying to portray a forward-thinking message and Twitter has proven itself to be exceptionally cruel.

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Trolls Unleashed

As one would expect when the casting was announced, Twitter trolls came out in force upon hearing that Amy Schumer would star as Barbie. Once again, social media proved that narrow-minded hate mongers do not care about a person's feelings and are happy to body-shame someone, attacking their appearance. Most of the tweets involved individuals attacking Schumer's weight (note the topical Ally McBeal reference):

Some people couldn't even find the words to convey their message – probably because you have to be marginally literate to accomplish this. This next tweet was from a mature Twitter user Judson McCulloch, who posted this gem:

Additionally, one Twitter user decided to go down the sarcasm route, triggering a slew of horrendous comments such as one that claimed that Amy Schumer is the "Golden Corral" version of Barbie. Another comment asked if Schumer was meant to play Miss Piggy, and one person wrote – and I quote – "Barbie will have to gain 50lbs:"

Maybe Ken Should Be Played By...

[Credit: Disney/Pixar]
[Credit: Disney/Pixar]

However, let's turn away from the body-shaming comments directed at Amy Schumer, and look at some with a different flavor of hate. These people thought their tweets were "super clever" because instead of attacking Schumer directly, they make a connection through their unique casting of Ken:

In particular, these tweets are reminiscent of 2010, when Donald Glover was rumored to be playing Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For example, one savvy internet go-getter came to this conclusion that since Peter Parker was going to be played by Glover, then Micheal Cera should play Shaft.

Hate In General

Some people don't really have a problem with Amy Schumer – nor do they care about a Barbie movie. In fact, it appears that these individuals are just generally hateful, and will find any excuse to spew their unique brand of nastiness all over the internet. For example, the following tweets drink from the well of good, old-fashioned misogyny:

Twitter user Kevin Jackson decided to double-down on his comments, and really took the Barbie casting news in a strange direction. First, he makes a joke about Schumer blackmailing executives to get the part, and then he makes a strange political connection to the casting news. As with most things on the internet, someone always finds a way to make things political:

Final Thoughts

People say hateful things, and make jokes about other people with the impunity of the internet behind them. This isn't ideal, but it is the reality of our world, and it's unavoidable. So, with that being said, these comments towards Schumer sadly change nothing, and the movie will still be made to the dismay of many bitter Twitter users.

However, I believe that with Schumer's stance on body image, this will be an incredibly positive statement for those who struggle with their own insecurities. People can bitch all that they want, but if a movie is released and it helps even one person, then that is an incredible thing.

After all, considering we've all had films that have inspired us when we were young, hopefully the Barbie movie will also be an inspiration to someone in the future.

Written by Amy Schumer and Kim Caramele, the movie is slated for release in 2018.

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