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And one of them certainly knows how to sport a perm.

After the success of 21 Jump Street, another beloved 1980s TV show is hoping to gain the favor of old and new fans alike.

The long-rumored big screen version of Knight Rider is moving up a gear. A screenplay from Brad Copeland (Arrested Development) was already commissioned last year by The Weinstein Company. Now, casting talks have begun with two actors being eyed for unspecified roles in the movie.

And the two candidates are:

Danny McBride


Chris Pratt

If one of these very funny gentlemen actually ends up playing the role of Michael Knight, it’s seems pretty fair to assume that Knight Rider will end up being an action comedy very much in the vein of 21 Jump Street.

Which is understandable considering that the source material centered around a well-coiffured Hasselhoff and speaking car solving/preventing crime in a bromantic fashion.

Who do you think should play Michael Knight? Take the poll or feel free to name the candidate of your choice in the comment section below!


If you can't decide, watch the original intro to get inspired!


[Source: Schmoes Knows via Collider]


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