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When mob boss Maroni threw acid into the face of one of Batman's strongest allies, Harvey Dent, not only did he warp Gotham's district attorney into a hideously deformed, deranged and blood-thirsty schizophrenic, but he created one of the most complex villains in the : Two-Face.

Obsessed with opposites and duality, this monstrous madman would decide the fate of his victims via the flip of a coin — the clean side would be the right thing, the scarred side would result in dastardly crimes. See him in action in Batman: The Animated Series below:

His consumption with the idea of pairs translated not only to his face and coin-flips, but to his attire too, tending to wear suits made from two separate halves that met in the middle. And not only does this look pretty damn cool, but it makes the character prime cosplay fodder! So, guess what we did?

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That's right! Movie Pilot's @SuperNewsLive Instagram channel teamed up with notorious cosplayer Loki Hates You a.k.a. Bill Jackson to help him transform into 's two-faced nemesis, complete with snarled jaw and lucky coin. Doesn't he look great?

[Credit: Bill Jackson]
[Credit: Bill Jackson]

Wanna create the look yourself? Check out the time-lapse video that shows him getting into character below:

Pretty awesome, right?! And if you're thinking that our Harvey Dent looks familiar, it's likely you've seen Loki Hates You either as a host on NerdBot Media, or jammin' around a Con in Los Angeles or San Diego. He also has his own table-top card game, Cos- Famous, which will be kickstarting later this year — watch this space!

For more incredible transformations, tune in to the Instastory live on @SuperNewsLive and on every Thursday from 1PM PT, where true fans show off their awesome cosplay skills as your favorite TV/movie characters.

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