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A few days ago, Warner Bros. got our tails manically wagging when it dropped nine exclusive clips from the upcoming movie, and in doing so, the studio once again added to the already-hefty number of trailers, TV spots and snippets of footage available to fans all over the world.

Indeed, with about a week to go until unleashes her wizarding extravaganza onto the world, it seems as if we are learning something new every day about Newt Scamander's adventures in New York. And, of course, today is no exception.

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David Yates has just revealed details about two deleted scenes from the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them blockbuster. According to the director, one shows a heartbroken Jacob Kowalski (played by Dan Fogler) lose his fiancee after failing to get a loan to start his dream bakery. Here's what Yates had to say:

"One is Jacob coming home from the bank and he’s been refused the loan and Mildred, his girlfriend, is waiting for him. She runs up in the street to see him and she says, did you get the loan? And he says, no I didn’t get the loan. And she takes her ring off and gives it back to him. And she says, I thought you were getting a bakery and leaves him. It’s a really heartbreaking scene and Dan [Fogler] is beautiful in it."

Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski | Warner Bros.
Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski | Warner Bros.

The other, thankfully, is far more uplifting:

"There’s another scene where Alison and Katherine [Waterston] sing the Ilvermorny song, the school song. I asked Alison would she write it, and she wrote this beautiful Ilvermorny school song. And they sing it together and the two boys, Jacob and Newt, they sit there and they watch. And as the girls perform this song, this ode to Ilvermorny, they slowly fall in love."

Aw! That sounds wonderful – I wonder if it originally came hand-in-hand with this scene before it got scrapped:

The decision to axe the scenes was certainly not an easy one for director David Yates and he even admits himself that at times, he considered himself "insane" for doing so. For the greater good though, he knew they had to go. He admitted:

“They’re both beautiful scenes, but in the movie and in the momentum of the movie they didn’t quite work. If you’re mourning your chance to learn the “American Hogwarts” school song by heart, though, rest assured they’ll be on the home video release along with still more bonus material."

We can't wait!

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