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Have you ever caught anything whilst on holiday? I did once on a trip to Magaluf, but it was nothing that couldn’t be solved with an awkward text message and a brief trip to the sexual health clinic.

In Afflicted however, Clif and Derek, two best friends who are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime, are going to experience a lot worse than having a stinging sensation when going for a pee.

The premise for Afflicted follows the two best buds as they attempt to journey their way through uncharted territory in an epic quest to see every inch of the world. However, a couple of days into their voyage, one of the backpackers starts to feel somewhat uneasy. This turns out to be a fearful and absolutely grotesque disease that slowly begins to spread across the body and starts consuming his mind.

Desperately the pair must find the source of the affliction before it is too late – and my guess is that in this horror/thriller – their chances are looking pretty slim. I mean look at the still release up above. He is practically withering in agony. Loving it.

Afflicted is directed by and who also write and star (under their own names) in this dastardly disease-ridden tale. I seriously can’t wait to get my dose.

How excited are you for this film? Is this deadly disease the worst thing that you could get on holiday? Sound out in the comment box below.


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