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David Latona

If you're one of these dedicated Tolkien fans delighting in anything related to his literary Universe, chances are you've already ploughed through more than a fair share of trailers, previews, news reports and interviews in anticipation of 's second installment of his Hobbit trilogy. If you also happen to own a TV set (lucky you), maybe you've encountered these two new 30-second spots on the screen. But then again, maybe you haven't. So just in case, we come swooping in to the rescue by providing you these pretty promising glimpses into the sequel. Here ya go:

What do you think? Will this more action-packed film be better than the first? Are you pumped to see which adventures Bilbo, Gandalf and the rest are heading towards? Excited about Tauriel, Legolas and the Woodland Elves? Let us know downstairs, as usual.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug premieres on December 13th.

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