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Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman on The CW's Supergirl, and he's not kneeling before Zod or his property management company. Hoechlin moved in with fellow actor Ryan Guzman (The Boy Next Door) in 2016 after they had become good friends while filming the movie Everybody Wants Some!!, but now they're moving out of the apartment as their landlord tries to Kal-Ect nearly $10,000 from their security deposit.

The actors are suing the unidentified landlord for deducting $9,689 from their security deposit to cover things like paint and repairs to their apartment after they left, according to TMZ. According to Hoechlin and Guzman, however, that's not a fair amount. They argue the repairs needed were for "normal wear and tear." The kind that could easily be fixed by a, y'know, Superintendent.

A representative for the property management company denied that the actors had been overcharged. There's been no more information on the matter, but hopefully both parties are able to reach an agreement soon!

If you're curious to see where you can see each actor next, will play Boyce Fox in next year's . And he will seemingly continue playing the Man of Steel in .

As for Ryan Guzman, he's currently starring in ABC's Notorious, a show that explores the complicated relationship between the media and criminal law, based on the lives of criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and Larry King Live producer Wendy Walker.

(Source: TMZ)


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