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For those of us who wanted a break from billion-dollar franchises, 2017’s independent films have been fantastic. While The Mummy, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Transformers: The Last Knight underwhelmed at the box office, smaller films like Baby Driver, Ingrid Goes West and The Big Sick have given the moviegoing experience a breath of fresh air.

One particular indie film is one of this year’s best: Wind River, Tyler Sheridan's directorial debut masterpiece. Sheridan hit a grand slam, and with a perfect screenwriting track record (also including Sicario and Hell or High Water), it’s no question that he is the perfect choice to direct Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as James Bond.

Why Tyler Sheridan Should Direct Bond 25

'Wind River' [Credit: The Weinstein Company]
'Wind River' [Credit: The Weinstein Company]

Wind River tells the story of wildlife officer Cory Lambert () and FBI agent Jane Banner (), as they work together to solve a murder/rape case in the Wyoming Wind River reservation. While the case unfolds and new leads present themselves, Lambert and Banner begin to trust each other. Their relationship strengthens and the chemistry between them flourishes.

Renner and Olsen have already built on-screen chemistry via their roles in the , but what unfolds in Wind River is different and even unprecedented from both actors.

Sheridan allowed the two actors to truly unleash their skills, and that’s something we haven’t seen Craig do as James Bond since Casino Royale. Craig’s veteran Bond needs a director with an ever-developing, open canvas. Like with Olsen and Renner, Sheridan could likely bring out dramatic notes from Craig that we didn't even realize he possessed.

While the usual Bond team of Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will be writing the screenplay for Bond 25, not Sheridan, there are still more reasons why he is the ideal director for the job.

Sheridan Keeps It Simple, And It Totally Works

While Sicario and Hell or High Water featured two series of events simultaneously transpiring, later to converge near the end of the films, in Wind River the story beats follow an “A to B to C” approach. So it was easy to follow and equally thrilling, just as any James Bond film should be.

That is not to say that a Bond movie with Sicario’s structure wouldn’t be good, but that the “A to B to C” approach is the best way to bring Bond to life. Bond 25 needs to captivate and pop; Sheridan is able to deliver that.

Wind River Has Perfect Pacing And Action

Never in Wind River did the film feel draggy. Scenes came and went at the right time, and when a scene did go longer than usual, it had a reason to do so. And with a film that’s mostly set in a snowy backdrop, smart pacing was essential to keep the audience engaged.

For example, when Lambert (Renner) welcomes Banner (Olsen) to his home and tells her the story of his daughter’s death, the scene is a character study, elegantly placed in the middle of the film and paced brilliantly to offer distinction and nuance. The small home feels empty and lonesome; pictures and poems of Lambert's daughter on the walls build to a revelation.

Sheridan can most definitely direct action — Wind River has an impressive shootout — but his action is more than just a menacing score and fast, quick cuts. Wind River leaves all of the noise to the characters and the environment. Every move of the foot can be heard, and every gunshot felt real, not random.

It is action like this that we need in Bond 25 — action that counts, action that leaves a mark. Sheridan can deliver that.

Final Thoughts

Wind River is an amazing movie. This was Tyler Sheridan’s directorial debut and he hit it out of the park. From tremendous character work to storytelling, pacing and action, Sheridan created a masterpiece. He is who we need to direct Bond 25.

Daniel Craig must finish his run as James Bond with a bang that feels both action-heavy, contemporary and emotional. Casino Royale and Skyfall were Craig’s signature movies in his run as Bond, but with Sheridan behind the camera, Bond 25 would no doubt be Craig’s best movie of all.

Who would you like to direct Bond 25? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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