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It's been 17 years since Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan starred in the unforgettable Disney movie Life-Size — a film about a young girl (Lohan) accidentally bringing her doll (Banks) to life — but the passing of time only seems to have made fan's love for the movie stronger.

It had been long rumored that the film, which encouraged us to "shine bright, shine far, don't be shy, be a star," could one day receive a sequel, and in 2015 we even heard news that a script was in the works. However, as new information on the project petered out, fans gave up hope of ever seeing Eve on the big screen again until it was confirmed just days ago that Life-Size 2 would debut on Freeform in December 2018!

According to Banks, the sequel will be a little more risqué than its Disney channel original, with Eve having matured somewhat:

"Eve has grown up, she has experienced life already and she's coming back. So she's going to be a little edgier, a little sexier!"

Well, let's not forget, Eve was anatomically correct!

And while it looks as though Eve (and Tyra) will return to help a new girl in Life-Size 2, that doesn't mean there's no room for original star, Lindsay Lohan. Speaking to MTV News, Banks delivered a message to Lohan, imploring her to come back in some form for the sequel, saying:

"I would love for Lindsay Lohan to do something. Just to pop up for a hot second — she's got to. Lindsay, hello, where are you, what are you doing? Get your butt into Life-Size 2!"

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Aside from a cameo from Lindsay, Banks also suggested that perhaps actress Zendaya would be a good fit for the film, adding "I love her, I've been wanting to work with her forever."

Tyra, Zendaya and Life-Size 2?! Please, someone make this happen!


Do you think Lindsay Lohan should return for Life-Size 2?

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