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Prior to The Fate of the Furious hitting theaters, The Rock and Vin Diesel got involved in a massive feud, and things got a bit out of hand. The cast took sides, shots were continuously fired on social media, and both Diesel and Johnson were even reportedly kept apart during the press tour to avoid any confrontations.

The situation eventually calmed down between the two, and the stars went back to being the family that the FF franchise has always touted as its core. For a few months, it looked like the drama had stopped and the franchise was on course to continue smoothly, but boy, was that not the case.

Buckle up, people, because the drama has come back full force. There are two installments left in the Fast & Furious saga, and the films were scheduled to hit theaters on April 19, 2019 and 2021, respectively. However plans changed when Universal recently announced that was pushed back to April 10, 2020.

The reason behind the move was a mystery, but The Hollywood Reporter speculated over whether or now Dwayne Johnson would return to the franchise. It was a confusing statement considering The Rock's heavy involvement throughout the past few years, but fans were kept in the dark about what had happened, until someone spoke out.

Tyrese Gibson Is Not Happy With The Rock, At All

Tyrese Gibson is more than a little miffed over the delay, and he's blaming for the decision. Back in September, the actor called out Johnson publicly, telling him to not delay Fast 9 in favor of his planned spinoff with . Now, in the wake of the new release date's announcement, Gibson took to his personal Instagram to share the news.

As we should come to expect by now, his post wasn't the average promotional message to keep audiences hyped for the film. Instead, the actor went on a tirade against The Rock, blaming him and his producing partner, Hiram Garcia, for F9's significant delay:

In the caption, Gibson also took the opportunity to make fun of Johnson's critically bashed Baywatch reboot. Adding fuel to the fire, he made it clear that his message was staying up for the world to see and look back on, even if people encouraged him otherwise.

Yikes. The trouble didn't end there, though. A few hours later, Gibson took to Instagram once again, condemning Johnson for breaking up the Fast and Furious family by going for a spinoff as opposed to sticking with the rest of the cast in the main franchise:

Fans haven't been too keen on the actor's outbursts, as plenty of people are already attacking him. It's difficult to speculate on what's happening behind the scenes right now with the little information at our disposal. With that said, it is quite puzzling to see Gibson lash out at The Rock this way, because it seemed like they had a one of the more solid relationships during all of the turmoil.

[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]

When the Vin Diesel/Dwayne Johnson feud started, for example, Gibson took to Instagram in a now deleted post to clarify that Johnson wasn't referring to him when he criticized his male costars. To prove it, he posted a video of The Rock singing to his daughter, and pretty much gushed about him:

"Why are you guys so impressionable? A man wouldn't be singing from his heart and soul to another mans little angel if he had a problem with her dad. Does any of us know why bro decided to jump out there with his post? No... Would one assume that IF he's going to jump out there and generalize and say 'Male Co-Stars' he would be more clear and call out names??? Of course he should of. Let me calm you guys all the way down... I don't know WHO he has a problem [with] and I don't have any details of WHAT those problems are –– as a matter of fact if I DID know I would tell you s––t!!!"

Furthermore, while congratulating his cast members for their hard work on , The Rock talked about Gibson specifically, cracking a good-natured joke about him:

We can speculate as much as want, but aside from these rants it's hard to tell what's happening behind closed doors. All we do know for certain is that this situation is one wild ride for fans, who will come out in droves for the next installment no matter when it hits theaters.

Neither Johnson nor any of his other costars have commented on Gibson's message, but we'll keep you updated if that changes.

What do you think about Tyrese Gibson's comments about the Fast 9 delay? What do you think is happening with the film? Let me know in the comments!

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