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Just in case you aren't aware that Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson aren't each other's biggest fans, Gibson is here to stick some more petrol in the tank. Working together on Universal's money machine that is the Fast and Furious franchise, the duo have butted heads on several occasions. However, taking it the next level, Gibson is now blaming The Rock for "ruining" the series and his own chances of a spin-off movie.

Everyone knows that and are tipped for their own bromance spin-off, which will center on their characters Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw as they presumably find themselves in a sticky situation. However, did you know that and fellow Fast co-star Ludacris were also once asked to get behind the wheel for their own outing?

What A Car Crash

Gibson publicly bashed Johnson for his decision to "split up" the Fast family in two baffling Instagram posts. Away from public spats, the most interesting part was that Gibson had apparently been offered a spin-off of his own and instead stuck with the family. First appearing in 2 Fast 2 Furious as Roman Pearce and Tej Parker, Gibson and Ludacris then sat out the next few instalments until Fast Five. Upon their return, Johnson was already flexing his muscles as Hobbs, and was arguably playing a much bigger part than Roman and Tej. Now, I'm not saying that Gibson is coming down with a case of the green-eyed monster, but he clearly isn't enjoying what The Rock is cooking.

Statham seems to have escaped the debacle unscathed, so we don't really know what Gibson's beef with The Rock actually is. To be honest, you can see why Universal would push forward with a Hobbs and Shaw spin-off — especially with Johnson being one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now. With a packed slate of movies, and heading up major films like Baywatch and Jumanji, everyone wants a slice of the wrestler-cum-actor, so much so, it is almost easy to forget those Scorpion King days.

The other problem is, Roman and Tej have always been supporting players, while Hobbs and Shaw have had much bigger arcs as villains and then antiheroes. Also, fans are far more likely to part with their cash to see two action stars on their screens than two former rappers. However, if Fast was set on going down the comedy route, I guess a Roman and Tej film could be like a funny Rush Hour-esque buddy comedy, but personally, I think the idea of a Roman and Tej spin-off sounds "Ludacris." For now at least, fans of burning rubber will have to stick with Statham and Johnson knocking the holy hell out of each other.

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