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Of all the ridiculous things that happened in the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones — undead dragons breathing blue fire, for example — perhaps no moment was more WTF than Tyrion Lannister lurking outside the bedroom door of Daenerys as she and her secret nephew Jon did the dirty. "Why?" you might have thought to yourself, "Why are you just standing there??" The camera shows his peepin' face not once but twice, just to make sure you really see him seeing Jon and Dany engage in a Joint Session of Congress, if you know what I mean. While it's possible that Tyrion is just a tiny pervert, it seems unlikely, to say the least. So why was Tyrion really loitering outside the door while Daenerys rode the Northern dragon? What was he thinking? Let's go through all the possible explanations.

What Was Tyrion Thinking While Dany & Jon Had Sex?

1. Is Tyrion In Love With Daenerys?

Tyrion wasn't the only person waiting outside Dany's door. We also got a predictably tragic shot of the lovelorn Jorah Mormont looking awfully disappointed that his beloved Khaleesi had let the wolf into the dragonpit instead of the bear. Since Tyrion and Jorah were in more or less the same spot when the door shut, some people have suggested that maybe Cersei was right and Tyrion is actually in love with his queen.

Sorry to disappoint the Taenerys shippers, but director Jeremy Podeswa has weighed in to debunk that theory. He told the Daily Beast:

"Well I think there’s jealousy, but it’s maybe not romantic jealousy, in the way that it is for Jorah, for example. I think that for Tyrion, it’s more complicated. I think he has a very special relationship with Dany and he really believes in her as a true leader and has invested a lot in her."

2. Is Tyrion A Champion Of Democracy?

Earlier in the season, Tyrion was extra eager to have Dany come up with a solution to the problem of the succession and his go-to suggestions were democratic elections like they have at Night's Watch and the Iron Islands. Daenerys is always talking about breaking the sociopolitical wheel of Westeros, an idea that Tyrion is 100% behind. If they really want to break the wheel, they're going to have to do away with the idea of inherited monarchy. Daenerys was the perfect queen to make this move, since she claimed she could have no children of her own. But if she and Jon conceive a child together, she might not be so keen to take away her kid's birthright.

Tyrion's also always warned Daenerys not to fall in love. He counseled her to leave Daario Naharis behind in Meereen — advice she willingly accepted, since she didn't truly love Daario at all. But there's clearly something more to her relationship with Jon, and it's not just that they share the same DNA. She's falling in love with him, and this might make her less able to make hard decisions when it comes to governing her new kingdoms. Podeswa continued:

"I think for him, with Jon and Dany getting together, this represents a possible undermining of his position with her and also a monkey wrench thrown into what the master plan really is meant to be around this entire alliance. The way I see it is Tyrion is a bit of a strategist—not just a bit of a strategist, he is a major strategist—and I think now, he can’t see where this is gonna go and that’s very difficult for someone who is always thinking three steps ahead. The consequences of Dany and Jon getting together are completely unknown. Is she gonna make decisions now based on this new relationship? Is she gonna be able to separate her personal [interests] from the interests of the greater group? What is this going to foretell for the alliance and what they’re all meant to do as a united front? So I think the worry for him is that now, everything is up for grabs. We don’t really know who’s going to side with who, what’s gonna happen at the end of the day, and which alliances are going to be the strongest."

3. Did Tyrion Make A Deal With Cersei?

OK, serious Thrones fans might read that headline and think "What? Are you crazy! Tyrion would never betray Daenerys!" And while you're mostly right, stay with me here. We saw a fascinating side of Tyrion this episode. It was reminiscent of the side of him from his youth that longed to be accepted by Cersei and Tywin and relished Jaime's positive attention. Tyrion himself insisted he never wanted to destroy the Lannister family and he loved Tommen and Myrcella with all his heart. (Tyrion also told Jaime back in Season 4 that he never could have killed Joffrey, evil as he may have been, by virtue of being his nephew).

Cersei also subverts our expectations. Rather than letting the Mountain skewer Tyrion like a kebab, she lets him live. Why? Well, he's her family. When Tyrion finally learns of Cersei's pregnancy, we're rudely excluded from the rest of the conversation. What is it that Tyrion said to his sister to make her return to the Dragonpit and pledge her armies to fight the Night King? Is it possible that he informed her that, while Daenerys might be young and beautiful, she could never have children of her own?

Just in case you doubted the legitimacy of clandestine off-screen convos, here's director Jeremy Podeswa, back to tell you that yes, they sure as hell did talk about something after that bomb:

"I think the assumption is there definitely was more conversation after that, which leads to her coming back to the Dragonpit and agreeing to be part of this alliance—we think, at that point. (Laughs.) So yes, there was definitely more conversation after that."

Finding out that Daenerys isn't fertile would instantly make her less of a threat to Cersei. After all, if the (supposed) last remaining Targaryen is flying off into battle on dragonback every other day, the second Targaryen Conquest might never come to pass. It would end with Dany's life. Even if Dany survived the War for the Dawn and came back to rule Westeros, she would honor and protect Cersei and her family for having helped when she had the chance.

To take the theory one step further and sweeten the deal for the Lannisters, is it possible that Tyrion offered Cersei to make her unborn baby the heir to the Iron Throne? It's a long shot — one that would definitely make Tyrion guilty of treason — but it would definitely explain Cersei's 180 degree turnaround.

As Tyrion watches Jon and Dany potentially creating a wolf-dragon hybrid of their own, he might be thinking that his deal with Cersei is falling apart before his eyes. A Snowgaryen or a Targaryen squared whippersnapper will take away any leverage he might have had with Cersei. It's not such a problem now while they still have two dragons and the largest army Westeros has ever seen, but winter is here, and they're sailing directly into the eye of the storm.

What do you think Tyrion was thinking in that scene? Do you think he's scheming with Cersei? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

(Source: Daily Beast)


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