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Gamers! Your time has come. Hot off the heels of an amazing E3 2013 conference (Sony won, obviously), French developer Ubisoft just announced that it has three game-to-film adaptations in development. Ubisoft already has locked in for the Assassin's Creed movie, in Splinter Cell, and is developing Ghost Recon. Now, Ubisoft CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet will hire screenwriters, directors, cast, and studios for his properties next "phase," which include adaptations of Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and an interactive TV show based on Rabbids.

You're probably thinking something like, "Videogame movies suck!" I'm here to tell you that Marvel can't dominate Hollywood forever. Game developers have some of the most original storytelling content coming from their IPs. The fact that Baronnet is taking ownership and control of his games' adaptations is quite a big deal. In addition to Ubisoft properties, we're also getting hotly anticipated adaptations of Deus Ex and a serious Tomb Raider reboot. I'm convinced that after multiple fits and starts, game movies will become the new comic book movie.

Here are the gameplay/trailers that these properties will be based on. The movies will apparently have original storylines and simply exist in the universe that the games have created.

Watch Dogs:

Synopsis: Watch Dogs is an open world, stealth action game where you have the ability to hack into anything around you - from people's phones, cars, and even the city's infrastructure - to solve various missions.

Far Cry 3 (the latest game in the series):

Synopsis: Every Far Cry game has been very different, but the third one in the series was by far the most critically acclaimed. The latest game focused on an American tourists whose friends are abducted by pirates on a tropical island. In addition to surviving human traffickers and pirates, the player must survive the harsh conditions of the jungle.


Synopsis: Rabbids is a spinoff of Ubisoft's highly successful Rayman. The rabbits make weird noises while causing mischief and occasionally doing things like traveling back in time. Rabbids Invasion is a Nickelodeon show that will air this fall. Future Xbox One users will be able to interact by playing mini games with the characters on Kinect.

Source: Variety

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