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Ubisoft's quest to become the Marvel of video game-to-movie adaptations (i.e. phased movie releases and world domination) continues apace with the announcement that the film and TV arm of the company has teamed up with Sony Pictures and New Regency to produce a big-screen adaptation of Watch Dogs. If this game doesn't immediately ring any bells don't worry; it hasn't actually been released yet, but is being hotly tipped to be a big hit on the next generation of consoles when it's released across all platforms November 15th.

Here's the synopsis for Watch Dogs, to get you nice and contextualized:

Watch Dogs centers on Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker bent on revenge and inflicting his own brand of justice after a violent family tragedy. Using all of his skills, Pearce hacks into Chicago’s Central Operating System (ctOS), which controls the city’s infrastructure, including security cameras, traffic lights, and public transportation, as well as databases containing key information on the city’s residents. In the game, Pearce turns the entire city of Chicago into his ultimate weapon.

Ubisoft has already got three movies in development. Assassin's Creed has locked as the lead, has signed on for Splinter Cell and is attached to produce Ghost Recon. Watch Dogs would kick off Ubisoft's "Phase Two" along with an adaptation of Far Cry.

Watch Dogs is looking for a writer/director to come on board, but with Sony and Regency already attached to the project it suggests that this movie is going to be a priority for Ubisoft. And with the game developer taking such a hands on approach to adapting their properties, could we finally be entering an era of high quality video game-to-movie adaptations?



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