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It's not seldom that one gets to drink from the same cup of the God of Thunder. Neither is it often that one gets to drink from his bottle of fine Asgardian wine. But perhaps Thor was in a good mood after his teaser trailer broke a few records over the last couple of weeks, or perhaps it was just a pair of UK college students' lucky day.

With Avengers: Infinity War currently filming in the United Kingdom, Durham University student Dawn Lockhart and her friend found themselves in the same restaurant as in Durham, England. Soon after the actor signed autographs and took photos with the students, he left a half-empty bottle of wine behind. This is when Lockhart and company took advantage of the opportunity and finished the wine completely. Now that's what I call "avenging."

After her encounter with Hemsworth, Lockhart posted the following photo to the school's Facebook group:

Some of the photos came out blurry, but Lockhart provided the perfect explanation as to why when she spoke with The Tab:

The picture is a bit blurry because Maddie was shaking. When they left they abandoned half a bottle of wine on the table so we bagged it. Cheers, Chris!

It's okay, Maddie. I would've been shaking myself if I were in the presence of the mighty and his exquisite wine of Asgardian origin...or perhaps just Italian, from the looks of it.

With a full cast of loose on the streets of the UK, the residents of Durham are lucky indeed. Especially Durham University students. (Parties at Durham will now exhibit the finest beverages from Asgard.)

[via, The Tab]


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