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Star Wars fans are an fanatical bunch. It's hard to explain to the unconverted, but acquiring your own special piece of Star Wars memorabilia fills that hole that was otherwise far-far-away.

Imagine the extreme joy that fanaticism would reach if you were a young gamer in Stamford, England who stepped out of his back door to find a giant AT-ACT standing in his yard. I'd say at minimum, a guaranteed Star Wars fan for life! That is, once the heart palpitations and dizziness subsided.

It's A Dream Come True

The AT-ACT is a scaled replica from Star Wars Rogue One and stands an imposing 5.5 meters tall. If you thought that sounded impressive, did I mention that within the mechanized AT-ACT head (yes it moves!) is a fully operational PlayStation gaming command centre - say what!

There are a treasure-trove of euphoric Star Wars features and gadgets to make this the ultimate PlayStation-Den, including:

  • Star Wars Nerf Guns
  • An abundance of Star Wars figurines, and;
  • The all important PlayStation console and PlayStation VR headset

There is no mention of Star Wars , but how could there not? Sitting inside a monstrous AT-ACT with a console and headset beckons for the final layer of Star Wars immersion.

The ultimate play-den was provided as a gift to eight-year-old Harvey Dunnett who, let's be honest, is now guaranteed to be the most popular kid in school.

How Was It Built?

The Imperial landmark was built by Colin Furze, who is a a part-time inventor and self-taught engineer. Taking around a month, the AT-ACT was built using old-school ingenuity.

Working with eBay UK I've built a huge AT-AT using stuff available from their site and its a monster. Taking around 6 weeks to complete the task this giant kids play den is a Star Wars fans dream.

Credit: Colin Furze
Credit: Colin Furze
Credit: Colin Furze
Credit: Colin Furze
Credit: Colin Furze
Credit: Colin Furze

Backed by eBay UK, Colin has made a name for himself by doing similar insane projects that put Tim the Toolman Taylor to shame.

Who Wants One!

Credit: Colin Furze
Credit: Colin Furze

Unfortunately has only built the one giant Star Wars AT-ACT. Even if somehow our pleading managed to sway him to build us one, would we have the room?

Your home would instantly become a recongnisable landmark for disorientated tourists trying to find the local bowling green. "Yes no problem, all you need to do is take a left at the giant Star Wars AT-ACT..."

For young Harvey Dunnett, I am sure he wouldn't care if the inquisitive eyes of Tim Taylor's neighbor Wilson were forever peering over the fence. Having the ultimate Star Wars replica to play your favorite PlayStation in would be a dream come true.

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