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Some random Scientist

This would be the easiest way to go, I think. Whedon could just introduce some random scientist and gave him a lame back-story. But would this be the best way? Of course not! I mean, he would exchange Hank Pym, an all well known scientist and superhero, only to give us some unknown dude, who we can forget after the movie? Please Whedon, you don’t have to do that!


Yeah, what? Thanos, he said? Yes! I’m one of those guys, who likes to see Thanos as the threat for the third (and maybe last) Avengers movie! He was introduced in the first part, but (as I had learned about) he was a way to strong to waste him on the second installment. I was really grateful, when I heard about the plans for ‘Age of Ultron’. When I think of Thanos, I think of an evil mastermind and a puppet player behind everything. Like he became some screen time in the first part, it could be most likely to see him in part two too! Maybe he can be the creator or at least initiator of Ultron. But there is another option!

Tony Stark

Yeah, you know what I want to tell you: Tony Stark has to be the creator of Ultron! Some of you might have that same idea, others might get angry at it. Please calm down and let me try to explain why I think this not only would be a great idea, but also the right idea:

Tony Stark is our cinematic god of technology. From movie to movie we saw even better gadgets, not only meaning his suits. I think the most iconic piece of work, J.A.R.V.I.S. Ever since the first flick, Jarvis is with Tony in all his situations and he already sounds like a A.I. since that first movie. Becoming more intelligent and independent with every movie. But nobody ever cares about ‘him’, how he works, how he was created. Why shouldn’t it be possible, to catch on this big and omnipresent element of our Stark-verse and create something even bigger with it?

In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark becomes self confident in his own powers: He is Iron Man! Within or without a suit! I don’t want him to give up on suits, hell not, but what if he is trying to change the world on an other way? He knows to be a hero, he knows what he is fighting for and he isn’t on a one-man mission anymore, but he is still ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ Tony Stark!

If I were Tony Stark and if I were not familiar with the Terminator-franchise, than I would think of robots, which could act on their own or at least act under orders of one main-robot or main-A.I. Those robots could be send on patrols to make the world (USA) a better place for humanity (Americans), all controlled by the main-A.I. or just called Ultron. Simple and not new idea, huh? I know, whatever. So, besides of building tons of identical drones, I would improve Jarvis a little bit or even build a new version, which is capable of controlling large numbers of drones at the same time. Their target would be the protection of humanity from any threat! And if I would have seen The Terminator, I might have already known, that A.I.’s were a huge problem for the whole world.

I know what some of you might think at this point. Tony Stark would be playing a far too great role, as he was condemned on in part one, too. You might be right, but think of it. RDJ is the most expensive actor out there and the most of the fans want to see him, doing his job, playing the ‘Tony Stark’! In my opinion, it would be really careless, if they choose a too small part for him in the movie! Don’t forget they spend like 100 million (?!) for him.

That were my few thoughts on Tony Starks part in Avengers – Age of Ultron. What do you think of it? How is the story going on from that, you may ask? Well, I don’t know. But do you have any ideas?


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