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Entertainment Weekly recently talked shop with Marvel head and fanboy wizard regarding the Marvel films in the pipeline, and one of the most interesting bits of the interview was when he revealed some insights about the psyche and nature of Ultron, the head baddie in the upcoming The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. What could drive an android to destruction? What possible motive would a robotic entity have for wanting to destroy the world?

In a word, jealousy. Feige explains:

There is an element of free will that our heroes have, that all humans have, whether it's Thor or Steve Rogers — and certainly Tony Stark is the poster boy for free will. That's what Ultron resents.

Huh. Let's see. A created being that grows jealous and resentful of the free will that humanity has, eventually being embittered to the point it turns against its master. If only there were some basis for that origin story...

All Biblical allegories aside, it will be an interesting twist on an existing storyline, and can be expected to be deliciously diabolical in voicing the role. I also like that they're doing mocap for Spader's role, rather than just having him do straight voicework. It will add a personal element to Ultron, underscoring the fact that, no matter how human-like he is, human-like isn't the same as actually being human.

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