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After screwing up time in the Season 2 finale of Legends Of Tomorrow, our favorite time-traveling misfits made an explosive return in the Season 3 premiere. The Waverider crew took it upon themselves to save time in the crazy fashion that they're renowned for, and they wouldn't even let the revered Time Bureau stand in their way.

In a premiere episode that brought all of the series' best elements together, the show made it very clear that we're in for a great adventure this year. However, as the solved the problems they created last season, the show ended up leaving us with quite a lot of interesting questions about Season 3.

With all that in mind, let's take a look at the biggest questions we're left with heading into the new season.

Note: Spoilers for Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 will follow.

1. Who Is Mallus?

Rip was concerned about the rise of Mallus. [Credit: The CW]
Rip was concerned about the rise of Mallus. [Credit: The CW]

Despite his initial reluctance, Rip Hunter finally allowed the Legends to resume their trips throughout time after they proved their worth on the battlefield. The former captain of the Waverider informed Agent Sharp that they wouldn't be apprehending the superheroes any further. While she tried to argue, Rip informed her that they may need the Legends' help taking down Mallus.

While we don't yet know who or what Mallus actually is, we do know that he was created by the Legends' time-meddling, and that he will serve as this season's Big Bad. Moreover, we also know that he will be forming his own diabolical team with The Flash's Gorilla Grodd and Arrow Big Bad Damien Darhk — who he will be resurrecting.

But the real question is: Who is this Mallus, and how is he powerful enough to literally raise the dead?

2. Are Sara And Agent Sharp Destined For Romance?

Sara and Agent Sharp just couldn't get on. [Credit: The CW]
Sara and Agent Sharp just couldn't get on. [Credit: The CW]

While the entire Time Bureau had an issue with the Legends, the biggest source of conflict was the relationship between the Bureau's Agent Sharp and White Canary, Sara Lance. The two consistently ended up throwing glares and insults as they overpowered each other.

However, in the final battle, when the Legends helped rescue Agent Sharp from the clutches of Julius Caesar, Sara and Sharp worked incredibly well as a cohesive unit. And for moment there, it really seemed like the two were on the same page. However, in the end, the disgruntled agent threw yet another insult at the Legends. This back-and-forth relationship has fans wondering if the two ladies are destined to get together.

Both Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow have received acclaim for their portrayal of Sara's bisexuality, and we already know that she's going to find love again this season. Having already fallen for Ra's Al Guhl's daughter, we have to wonder if a relationship with a badass agent is on the cards for the White Canary.

3. Why Did Amaya Leave The Legends, And When Will She Return?

Amaya protects her village. [Credit: The CW]
Amaya protects her village. [Credit: The CW]

During the Season 3 premiere, we couldn't help but notice the absence of team member Amaya Jiwe. Vixen was one of the new additions to the cast last year, and quickly became a fan-favorite character. Thus, her absence in the premiere was definitely felt.

Originally a member of the Justice Society of America, she was plucked from 1942 and embarked on a mission to stop the Legion of Doom. However, we always knew she had a destiny waiting for her back in Zambesi, and her granddaughter's (the present day Vixen) existence depended upon it.

While she told Nate Heywood that she wanted to choose her destiny in the Season 2 finale, and remained aboard the Waverider with him, the premiere revealed that she actually went back to Zambesi in 1942. While Nate believes that Rip told her to do so in order to preserve the timeline, it's beginning to look like she went back of her own accord. But if that's the case, when will she return to the team?

After producing a stellar first season, Legends Of Tomorrow soared to new heights in Season 2 and quickly became the most fun show on . And it's great to see that it is continuing the incredibly high standard in Season 3.

While the Legends may have solved some of the problems of the Season 2 finale, it seems that a much greater evil is coming. And while the premiere left us with many questions, the biggest of all is undoubtedly: Can the Legends save time once again?

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