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Netflix's original series are known for their dramatic storytelling — from Stranger Things to The OA, we have so many choices when it comes to drama. However, there is one comedy that reigns supreme in the streaming era, and that is none other than Netflix's fabulous Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The third season of the comedy series will hit on May 19th and although we've had a brief teaser, we know very little about what lies ahead for and her friends, or at least we did until now — Netflix has finally delivered an official trailer for Season 3 and we can't contain our excitement. As Kimmy would say, we're Kimmying. Check it out below:

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Kimmy Hits College

[Credit: Netflix]
[Credit: Netflix]

Kimmy spent much of the first two seasons redisocovering the world and how it had moved on while she was trapped in the bunker. After accomplishing a lot, including achieving her GED, Kimmy is ready for a new challenge in Season 3 — college.

With these plans to further her education, It will be interesting to see if Kimmy remains living with Titus in their petite New York apartment or maybe she will enter student accommodation while at college?

It's also pretty cool that she ends up at the same college as Xanthippe, who was noticeably absent for the majority of Season 2. Let's hope we see more inteactions between Kimmy and Xanthippe because they were definitely some of the funniest moments from the first season.

We're sure college will prove a challenge for her but if anyone is capable of conquering it, it's Kimmy — she's unbreakable, dammit!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 hits Netflix May 19th.


How excited are you for the return of Kimmy Schmidt?

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