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For better or worse, almost any remotely successful video game seems to have a film adaptation somewhere in the pipeline. Most seem to flounder in the pre-pre-production stage, but it seems the Uncharted movie is now making a serious break to reach something resembling pre-production.

Deadline is reporting that Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief director, , is being approached by Sony Pictures to helm arguably one of their biggest game franchises.

Uncharted was one of the first games of a new generation which placed narrative storytelling above gameplay. Uncharted might be a relatively generic action game to play, but the title excelled in fleshing out its characters and delivering cinematic visuals. Indeed, almost everyone I know has commented that it's like 'playing a movie'.

The unenviable task of adapting the game for the big screen has fallen on the writing shoulders of Safe House scribe David Guggenheim. Apparently his first draft was so impressive, Sony immediately asked him to also pen a script for Bad Boys 3.

The last we heard Sony were desperate to persuade Superbad and This Is The End writers and to script the Uncharted film.. Obviously, Sony eventually got the hint and stopped asking the duo to come on board.

Now, Gordon might not be the biggest director out there, but he has left a solid body of work in his wake. Also, this is the guy who gave us The King of Kong, a great documentary about competitive video game players. The film is certainly an ode to the medium, which hopefully means he'll treat Uncharted's source material with respect.

Usually, I'm against the adaptation of video games into movies, primarily because, as a huge fan of gaming, I feel it needs stand on its own legs as a creative medium. Having said that, I do accept Uncharted might be one of the easiest and 'safest' games to adapt, since the game is essentially an interactive movie. Now, to some this might beg the obvious question: "Well, why do we need a movie then?" It's certainly a good point, but if the movie industry does insist on adapting games, I'd rather they'd stick of these kind of titles.

What do you think? Do you think Uncharted really needs to be adapted? Let us know below.



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