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announced years ago that they would be making a film adaptation of the popular PlayStation franchise, Uncharted, and fans have been excited about seeing the character of Nathan Drake on the big screen ever since.

The film's lengthy development period gave fans time to speculate who would play the role of the game’s lead, Nathan Drake, with actors like Scott Eastwood, Mark Wahlberg, Chris Pratt, and Bradley Cooper being thrown into the mix.

Most fans assumed that Sony would cast an actor in his early 30s to play Nathan Drake; however, Sony appears to be going in a different direction for the film. News recently broke that Sony has found their Nathan Drake, and he is none other than Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland.

Tom Holland Cast As Nathan Drake In Uncharted

Deadline is reporting that has been cast in Uncharted, and he will play a younger version of Nathan Drake in the film directed by Shawn Levy. The film will focus on sequences in the third installment of the video game franchise, and will follow a young Nathan Drake as he embarks on his various adventures.

Shawn Levy’s Uncharted will serve as a prequel to the video game franchise, and it will likely look to forge a new narrative, rather than follow the original video game story beat-for-beat. We will be introduced to Nathan Drake as a young thief, before he meets up with the professional rogue Sullivan.

Uncharted will be Tom Holland’s second major franchise under the Sony umbrella, as he is already Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the newly rebooted Spider-Man franchise. Holland will star in the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it looks like his career has already been rocketed to the stratosphere after his brief appearance as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War.

Uncharted Is Finally Happening After All These Years

Uncharted is a film franchise that Sony has wanted to get off the ground for years, but they couldn’t quite get all their ducks in a row. Films adapted from video games don’t have the best reputation in Hollywood, and with Sony’s troubles in the past, it makes sense that they would not rush into production on Uncharted. Now that they have cast Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, and they have a viable story for the film, it looks like fans will finally be getting the Uncharted film they have wanted for a long time.

Adapting a video game hasn't exactly been a recipe for critical success in the past, but Uncharted has enough story and intrigue to be a great film. Tom Holland is a terrific actor who will bring a lot of personality and wit to the character of Nathan Drake. There is no release date set for Uncharted, but we can’t wait to see the adventures of Nathan Drake on the big screen soon.

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(Source: Deadline)


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