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Sophie Atkinson

It's summer so you'd think everyone would be sunning themselves in parks, on beaches, sipping blue drinks with umbrellas in them and slathering themselves with sun lotion. Clearly, not if you're a Stephen King fan...

Almost four weeks after the Under the Dome premiere, which got a massive 13.5 million total viewers, it continues to attract outrageously enviable figures during the sweltering summer evenings (not normally an optimum time of year for TV figures).

The latest figures come via DVR statistics, which are the number of viewers who watched the show within a week of it being broadcast. According to Nielsen, the premiere added 4.2 million viewers via DVR. Let's put that in perspective: that would put Under the Dome in third place for broadcast programming for the entire 2012-13 season. On average, only Modern Family (4.5 million views) and The Big Bang Theory (4.3 million) added more viewers via DVR playback.

It's also got a lot of pull for advertisers, since Under The Dome DVR gains in the cherished 18 to 49 demographic have rocketed, putting the drama in the Top 10 Series to do so from the 2012-13 season.

Yup. Them's a lot of figures, but here's it in a nutshell: you crazy kids love that show. Which is interesting, because it's received really mixed reviews from critics (I say mixed, but fairly disappointed on the whole).

So let me know below - are you one of the millions tuning into this show every week and having the time of your lives watching it? Or are you a disappointed Stephen King fan who wishes it'd kept more faithful to the original novel? All opinions valued here, folks.


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