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With the newest entry in the Underworld franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars, making it's way to theaters early next year, many fans couldn't be more excited to see the beloved franchise continue with its lead actress Kate Beckinsale taking charge once again. With the new film coming soon, fans have been clamoring to know what they can expect to see in the new film. Here is a list of five things to expect in the new sequel.

5. A New Threat

English actress Lara Pulver will portray the main antagonist Semira. As seen in the trailer, Pulver's character is a relentless vampire who seeks immortality with the use of Selene's blood. Seeing as the Vampire/Lycan war has now escalated to a whole new level, Pulver's characte aims to finally put an end to the war by any means necessary, even if it means killing one of her own to achieve her destiny. As the newest addition the franchise, it will be interesting to see how Semira and Selene will clash in the new sequel.

4. The Lycans Have A New Leader

Another addition to the new sequel is none other than Golden Globe nominee Tobias Menzies. In the film Tobias will portray Marius, the new leader of the Lycan race. As seen in the trailer, Marius plans to eliminate the vampire race and end the centuries-long war. Seeing as Marius will go on a collision course to finish what Lucian started, it's more than obvious he will come across not just Selene but also Lycan/Vampire hybrid Michael. With Marius filling the void left by Lucian, expect Marius to be a regular in future sequels.

3. Scott Speedman Will Be Replaced As Michael Corvin By Trent Garrett

By far the biggest surprise to come out the new film is that Scott Speedman — who has played the Lycan/Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in Underworld and its sequel Underworld: Evolution — will not reprise his role and will be replaced by Trent Garrett. Many fans were hoping that Speedman would reprise his role, having been absent in the previous film Underworld: Awakening, but Speedman declined to appear in the new sequel.

This is going to be very difficult for fans to grasp considering the fact that Corvin is a fan favorite and the fact that he's being replaced by a much younger actor. Whether Garrett proves to be a worthy replacement remains to be seen, but what fans can expect is Garrett bringing a different feel to the character.

2. A New Chapter Begins With David

Although Selene has taken the charge throughout the films (excluding Rise Of The Lycans), it's time for the franchise to breathe new air with different characters, and David is the perfect character to take the charge. Introduced in Underworld: Awakening, David is a vampire whose father was killed during the Lycan invasion in the coven. As seen in the trailer, David is now in a more powerful position, leading the vampires in the war against the Lycans — a sign that he could rise to an even greater role. Having originally given the title Underworld: Next Generation, it's a very possible sign that the new sequel will also focus heavily on David's role.

1. Underworld 6

Yup, you read that correctly. Len Wiseman confirmed that a sixth installment in the Underworld franchise is in development with Kate Beckinsale once again reprising her role as Selene. As I said in the second point, seeing as this film will also be focusing on David it's highly possible that Beckinsale could make her departure from the series after Underworld 6, leaving the door open for new characters and storylines to come in for future sequels. Wiseman did not give any further details for the sixth film, but it's highly likely that Underworld 6 will be the first of a new set of films featuring David as the new lead among other new characters.

Watch the blood-soaked battle that is Underworld: Blood Wars trailer below:

Well that's my list of the top five things to expect in Underworld: Blood Wars. So what did you guys think? Do you agree with the list? Was there anything you felt should have been on the list? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.