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Movies affect people in different ways. Watching a Rocky film could get you off the couch, spur you to hit the pavement and go for a fist-pumping jog. Or viewing a superhero movie could compel you to pursue a career as an EMT, police officer, or a firefighter, in a bid to save lives and better your community. Then there are those films we just watch for the pure indulgence of them, to escape from reality for a couple of hours and maybe have a giggle or a jump scare.

However, there are those films that make us surprisingly, unexpectedly, unabashedly teary-eyed. The movies that will make even a grown man with a glass heart cry. Unless you have no soul, this list will make you emotional, whether you expected it to or not.

1. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Who knew that a movie could get audiences so choked up? The third film in director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy concluded with quite a few emotional scenes, mostly involving Michael Caine’s Alfred.

The one scene that particularly stands out happens toward the end of the movie, when Alfred breaks down while standing before the Wayne family graves. Audiences feel sorry for Alfred, since he felt that his job was to take care of Master Bruce and to protect him at all costs. Feeling he has failed in his duty of care, a sobbing Alfred says sorry to the deceased Wayne family. You can watch the scene below.

2. The Iron Giant (1999)

Here’s another film, but one with a twist. A young boy by the name of Hogarth Hughes discovers a giant robot who fell to Earth. Hogarth befriends this iron giant before learning he’s come to Earth to obliterate, not protect. Later, Hogarth must protect his new friend from a government looking to destroy him.

has a few memorable and hilarious scenes, but the ending is what hits you the most. After Federal Agent Kent gives the order to launch a nuclear missile into orbit, the Iron Giant, remembering that Hogarth had told him, “You are what you choose to be,” sacrifices himself to save the townsfolk. Before doing so, the giant tells Hogarth, “You stay. I go. No following,” informing him that there’s no other way to stop the nuclear bomb. Watch the emotional scene below:

3. Source Code (2011)

This sci-fi thriller had a fantastic premise, with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead. His character Captain Colter Stevens is tasked with stopping a bomb from detonating inside a train. However, to do this he will need the help of a machine called the . According to Jeffrey Wright's Dr. Rutledge:

"Source Code is not time travel. Rather, Source Code is time reassignment. It gives us access to a parallel reality."

Inhibiting the body of school teacher Sean Fentress, Stevens is put through rigorous and continuously looping missions in which he must familiarize himself with each individual on board the train in order to uncover the bomber before the device goes off. The one scene that may catch audiences by surprise is when Stevens finds a way to communicate with his estranged father one last time.

4. I Am Legend (2007)

Will Smith's sci-fi is about a genetically engineered measles virus that breaks out in Manhattan, forcing the healthy population to evacuate. Immune to the virus, US Army virologist Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville stays behind with his trusty dog Samantha to help find a cure for this plague.

Unfortunately, Neville’s dog Sam dies near the end of I Am Legend after being bitten by one of the zombie creatures known as the Darkseekers. Though this scene is highly emotional, it isn’t the first gut punch audiences receive. That would come courtesy of a scene near the beginning, in which Neville attempts a conversation with a mannequin he had previously set up in a video store. You feel for Neville, since he hasn’t spoken to another human being in years. What makes the scene even more emotional is when he starts crying, desperately hoping that the mannequin will respond.

5. Click (2006)

This was supposed to be a straight-up comedy, similar in tone to Big Daddy or Mr. Deeds. However, what happened was that Click became more of a family affair, with Sandler's character Michael discovering the ability to fast-forward his life using a universal remote control. What Mike didn’t anticipate was how much his life would be changed, with some of his future decisions leading him down a horrible path.

The scene that had audiences sobbing was when Michael uses his universal remote to see the last time he would interact with his father. You can watch that scene below:

After his father attempts to show him his famous quarter trick, a busy Mike scolds him. But the part that makes you tear up is when his dad tells Mike how much he loves him and Sandler’s character pauses his remote to kiss his father and tell him how much he loves him, too.

Were there any other films that made you tear up when you least expected it? Sound off in the comment section below.


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