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Tino Jochimsen

The western genre has profitted nicely by samurai movies in the past, don't you think? The Magnificent Seven and The Seven Samurai, A Fistful of Dollars and Yojimbo. All remakes that actually make sense!

Well now it's time to give back, as 's Unforgiven gets a Japanese remake.

Yurusarezaru mono stars as a retired gunslinger, ahem, katana wielder who decides get back into the blood-shedding business one last time, due to the mutilation of a prostitute in a distant town.

The Unforgiven remake seems to stay very close to Eastwood's classic, at least judging from this first subtitled trailer. The cinematography looks gorgeous and Watanabe exudes gravitas and melancholy. Still... how could you ever top Clint's original?

Watch the trailer for Unforgiven below:


Unforgiven will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival in September.


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