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You have seen merchandise on the shelves for years, collectables hoarding up the shelves of grown men and women, and Pokémon become a fad from playing cards to the most recent , but the most unique items are left on the internet just waiting to be found. Instead of going out to buy generic items from companies you love, try a little experimenting with these unique jewelry items from various pop culture phenomena. Amazon has very rapidly become a go-to site for last minute shoppers, so if you happen to be browsing, take a look at Bling Soul.

1. Doctor Strange Necklace

What better way to remember the movie that is on top of the world right now than wearing it around your neck? This necklace, currently on sale for a mere $29.00 (USD) with free shipping, is as elegant as you can possibly get for the price. At first glance, this items looks like real gold and would look nice around the neck of a hardcore Doctor Strange fan or anyone who enjoys collecting neat items from the . The pendant is the real selling point here, but if you really want to make it an elegant piece of memorabilia, the necklace itself actually detaches from the pendant, making it easy for you to switch it with one of your own if you don't happen to like it. For collectors or young adults who had a blast with the new film (in theaters now), this necklace is the perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season. Follow the link above to see further details about this item. For the price, it is highly recommended.

Also, if you happen to be looking for early costume ideas for next Halloween or just want some cool items, follow this link to see all of the additions to create his full outfit.

2. Hogwarts House Ties (Choose Any Of The 4)

It sounds weird to say, but the Harry Potter films have been around for over 15 years now. Do you want to reminisce about the classics or do you simply just want to dress up as your favourite Harry Potter character for the upcoming film ? Either way, these multi-colored ties serve as both a collectors item or a more fancy addition to a costume you may have purchased from a Halloween store. Those costumes definitely don't come close to the quality of these ties, and at a mere $9.99 for a single tie or $39.00 for the full set of four, it truly is a steal, due to the fact that it can also pass as a regular tie when the logo is hidden. For the Harry Potter fan in all of us, these ties are great for all ages.

3. Pokémon Go Bracelet

9 Charms Pokemon Go Baraclet - Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle

Product by BlingSoul More about this product
Price: $29.00
You Save: $11.01 (38%)

Say what you will of what has become of , but the brand of is still as big as ever. From kids playing the games on Nintendo gaming consoles, collecting the cards to have physical battles, or watching the ongoing television series, Pokémon continues to be a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. Whether you are a kid between the ages of 8 and 12 or a grown adult with a geeky side, this cute little bracelet featuring all of the classic Pokémon is sure to make a few people smile. Nicely crafted into the shapes of each individual Pokémon, special care was taken when creating this item. You can purchase this item on Amazon for $18.99 at the moment, and that is just too good to pass up with the holidays just around the corner.

4. Marvel Charm Bracelet

MRVL 11 Superheroes Charm Bracelet

Product by BlingSoul More about this product
Price: $25.00
You Save: $12.01 (48%)

Even bigger than Pokémon, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone on to make billions of dollars. For that reason alone, it is clear that fans want more and more of the films and merchandise constantly flies off the shelves. What doesn't seem to sell quite as fast is the hidden collectibles on the internet. This Marvel charm bracelet, currently priced at $12.99, is far too good of a deal to pass up. If you are a hardcore fan, you should feel no shame in wearing this item out in public. It shows off your love for Marvel, while also keeping the hype alive for the proceeding films. From its shiny look, to its nicely crafted charms, this is a fantastic last-minute gift idea.

5. Captain America Bangle Bracelet

America Favorite Captain Braclelet Bangle

Product by BlingSoul More about this product
Price: $25.00
You Save: $12.01 (48%)

Last but not least is one of the simpler, yet classiest item. This bangle bracelet, which is slightly geared more toward women, as this style of bracelet is sold mainly for women's charms/diamonds, it is easily genre-swappable. For anyone who loves Captain America, this is a fine and affordable piece of jewelry, currently going for $12.99 on Amazon. With an expandable bangle, it fits most wrists without any adjustments needed. Great for anyone who loves this character, or anyone who just wants to own everything on the planet, having to do with this beloved Marvel icon. This bracelet would be a fantastic and affordable addition to any collection. Recommended.

Find all of these items, as well as clothing and other items at Bling Soul on Amazon.

If you are looking for something a little classier, their company also has a website that specializes in suits and other fancy outfits worn by characters in famous films, such as The Hangover or James Bond. Follow this link to find out more.

Or, you could always try a homemade gift — perhaps some festive cookies:

Which of these items do you think would be a big hit with the pop culture fan in your life?


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