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Wonder Woman has inspired generations of women and girls since her 1941 debut in DC's All Star Comics #8. This Amazonian warrior goddess has been heralded as a beacon of feminism, dashing the "damsel in distress" persona that was once common in entertainment. Like her superhero counterparts, Wonder Woman has been transformed over and over during the past 7 decades. Her latest film incarnation, 2017's Wonder Woman, has introduced Princess Diana to a yet another generation of budding fans.

Sometimes, its not enough to see your hero on screen — sometimes, you just want to be her. Specialty shops, such as those on Etsy and the memorabilia retailer Film Jackets make this easier and more stylish than ever. Check out our favorite Wonder Woman cosplay picks from across the web.

Wonder Woman Leather Jacket

While photos or illustrations of Diana Prince actually wearing a jacket are few and far between (she usually wears much less) Film Jackets' adaptation certainly captures the aura of the character. It also resembles experimental Wonder Woman costumes that outfitted the hero in biker jackets and tight pants. These were seen in comic art and collectibles from 2010 to 2012.

[Credit: Warner Bros. ] [Credit: DC Comics] [Credit: Film Jackets]
[Credit: Warner Bros. ] [Credit: DC Comics] [Credit: Film Jackets]

The jacket is available in two styles. "Brown waxed," pictured here, is well suited to the Wonder Woman look of the recent movie where she's fighting in the first World War. The "classic" style gives a nod to Wonder Woman's current color scheme of burgundy, blue and yellow gold. As an added bonus to fans, purchase of the Jacket from Film Jackets includes a t-shirt, which is black with a gold logo.

The Classic Tiara

Every girl likes to feel like a princess — a lasso wielding, butt kicking princess, that is. The Etsy shop Mikarya offers Princess Diana's crown in two styles: lightweight, gold-tone plastic, and then real metal, "giving it a more realistic feel."

[Credit: Etsy shop Mikarya] [Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Etsy shop Mikarya] [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Pair either of these tiaras with the jacket above, and you'll be ready to apply to the Justice League.

Walk Like A Wonder Woman

Every girl wonder needs a good pair of shoes. SavillaCreations on Etsy offers the original-styled Wonder Woman boots. Made from vinyl faux leather, the bootlets slip over your own shoes, allowing you to customize any comfortable footwear. The shop owner created this slip-over style in the 1980s for a fashion photo shoot, and it has since become a cosplay sensation. SavillaCreations also offers styles mimicking Supergirl, Batgirl, Sailor Moon and many others.

Etsy's Deckofab shop puts a different spin on Wonder Woman cosplay. Their high heel shoes are made from fabric featuring Wonder Woman comic book frames and are an equally cute addition to your cosplay wardrobe.

[Credit: Etsy shop SavillaCreations]/[Credit: Etsy shop Deckofab]
[Credit: Etsy shop SavillaCreations]/[Credit: Etsy shop Deckofab]

Whatever cosplay options you choose, they are certain to bring out the Wonder Woman in you.

So has the new Diana Prince convinced you to get your cosplay on? Let me know in the comments down below!


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