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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

One first disclaimer: I haven't been to a theme park in FOREVER. And when I did, I was the sort who relished the banana boat or the splish-splash log flume rides. Basically, when it comes to the world of the theme park, I'm a massive p***y.

So, I'm easily scared. But forgive me when I profess shock at hearing that a maze based on the Cabin in the Woods film is due to open at Universal Orlando this fall. I mean, the The Cabin in the Woods? That's the sort of scary stuff that I imagine would give lots of people (not just me!) long-term mental scars - in fact, I'd probably never be able to enter my garden shed ever again.

But then scaredy-cats like me clearly don't form the majority and the maze will open for their Halloween Horror Nights 23 celebration later this year. Reports suggest it will be a rather faithful adaptation of the film, which means you'll be walking through a forest before you face the cabin itself - which will act as a sort-of 'best of' montage of the films most memorable scenes. Visitors playing the parts of new facility employees will face a number of the movie's yikes-inducing characters (played by actors) - the Ballerina, the Sugarplum fairy, the Hell Lord for example! And remember that scene in the control room where the merman attacks? Yes, you'll be in the middle of that. And there'll be a couple of new characters too, just to keep you on your toes!

Here's one thing: I'm undecided about the actors vs animatronics debate - if acted well, the scares will come. If not, we've got an embarrassing, quite awkward piece of am-dram on our hands.

But, being based in Berlin, and unlikely to spend my paypacket on a holiday to the theme parks of Orlando, my opinion here is relatively inconsequential. This WILL be a hit among the scare-hungry masses.

Excited to check out the real-life The Cabin in the Woods? Get in touch below!


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