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Universal Studios Orlando's 'Halloween Horror Nights' has been an annual October scare-fest for over two decades now, and in its 23rd year of existence, it's about to take it to the next undead level: The Walking Dead is going to be featured in a huge way, along with The Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead. Here are just some of the highlights of all the mazes and exhibits for the fearsome festival:

The Walking Dead

While The Walking Dead made its debut at Halloween Horror Nights last year, the theme this year for organizers seems to be 'go big or go home', and so the creative team has decided to go huge with their 'The Walking Dead: No Save Haven' maze. The maze will encompass the entirety of Season 3, with visitors starting out in Woodbury and winding their way through the town and arena before ending up at the Governor's home. You then have to start the perilous trek to the prison, which is crawling with walkers. Keep your eyes peeled - some familiar faces from the show may be showing up from time to time.

What's more, sections of the park are being transformed to represent different sets from different seasons of AMC's hit zombie show. Everything from Hershel's burning barn to the walker-plagued streets of Atlanta.

Cabin in the Woods and The Evil Dead

Two new addition to this year's festival, the mazes will take you through a detailed replica of each of the cabins from the films. For Cabin in the Woods, all of the terrifying creatures, from the Sugarplum Fairy to the Merman, will be part of the maze chasing after you, and in the Evil Dead section, it's the attention to detail that will blow visitors' minds: Be sure to keep your nose peeled for a dead cat smell. Like I said, they have given every detail thought.

Other mazes and exhibits will include An American Werewolf in London, Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City, Havoc: Detailed, Urban Legens: La Llorona, After Life: Death's Vengeance, Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure, and lastly, The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute.

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