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Warning: This article contains spoilers for 'Kong: Skull Island'

If you saw the post-credits scene in and recognized who the monsters on the cave drawings were, then you know what's coming. As it turns out, Kong: Skull Island was not only a brand new origin story for the giant ape , but the official beginning of what Legendary Entertainment and Warner Brothers have dubbed the .

In this shared cinematic universe, classic kaijus such as Kong, Godzilla, Mothra and equally fearsome newcomers will fight on the big screen for a new generation of viewers. As the ancient giants clash, the agents of the monster-hunting organization and the civilians try to survive and understand what's going on.

There are currently two more entries being made as of this writing, which are tentatively titled Godzilla: King Of Monsters and the epic crossover, Godzilla Vs. Kong.

If the idea shared cinematic universes are the the sort of thing that get your geek engine going, you're in luck because this MonsterVerse is not the only movie franchise to take notes from the juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe ().

Here's a short list of the some upcoming shared cinematic universe that few people saw coming, but are heading our way.

1. Valiant Comics

[Credit: Valiant Entertainment]
[Credit: Valiant Entertainment]

Currently, the shared superhero movie universe game is monopolized by the titans of the comic book industry: Marvel and DC. The third largest comic book company , a publishing group made of former Marvel and DC creators, is aspiring to shake things up with its own big screen debut.

Valiant will test the waters with the upcoming live-action web series , starring Michael Rowe (Deadshot in ) as the titular ninja. The first Valiant movie will be , which follows a group of superpowered teenagers on the run from a megalomaniac with powers himself.

Watch the trailer for Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe below.

What sets Valiant apart from the competition is its adherence to a set, singular continuity rather than a loose one (which explains multiple comics of the same Marvel/DC hero being sold in the same month), and the comics' preference to be as grounded in reality as possible despite the presence of superpowers. has allied itself with the comic group to bring a new slew of superhero stories to theaters.

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2. Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

[Credit: Hanna-Barbera]
[Credit: Hanna-Barbera]

The MosnterVerse and the DC Extended Universe () are not the only shared universes being shaped at Warner Brothers. The studio is planning to bring almost every property they can to the shared-universe fray. Among their properties are the cartoons, which includes the likes of and .

The animated reboot S.C.O.O.B. is said to be the starting point for the Hanna-Barbera shared universe, which WB executives proudly announced would be "our first shot at unlocking the whole Hanna-Barbera Universe” during a press junket in last year's CinemaCon.

Scooby and the gang [Credit: Warner Brothers]
Scooby and the gang [Credit: Warner Brothers]

Though plot details are currently scarce, it's been rumored that S.C.O.O.B. will follow the mystery-solving gang as they discover a mysterious portal that serves as a gateway to other dimensions and worlds, which we can assume will be every other Hanna-Barbera show that WB intends to have Scooby and the gang visit.

3. Universal Monsters

[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]

is known for owning the most influential roster of classic horror movie monsters in Hollywood history, and it also bears the distinction of being one of the first studios to play with interconnected narratives between numerous films. But unlike any other cinematic universe, the Universal Monsters shared universe has the sole distinction of being a reboot of a reboot.

Originally, the Universal Monsters universe was planned to be resurrected as an action oriented spectacle launched by - a revised origin story for Dracula where the bloodsucker would have led an Avengers-style group of misunderstood horror movie monsters who fought a greater evil. The movie performed poorly, forcing Universal to rethink its strategy and scrap the planned sequels for Dracula Untold.

Luke Evans in 'Dracula Untold' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Luke Evans in 'Dracula Untold' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Cut to present day, where Universal wisely decided to retain the movies' horror roots and simply modernize the titles at hand. The upcoming reboot starring Tom Cruise will pave the way for the Universal Monsters shared universe, with Russel Crowe's role as Doctor Jekyl/ Mister Hyde serving as a counterpart to Nick Fury and the connective tissue for future entries.

Watch the trailer for The Mummy below.

4. American International Pictures

[Credit: American International Pictures]
[Credit: American International Pictures]

The company may not be a household name, but the movies it produced should be familiar to those who love old-school schlock. Campy '50s cult classics like She-Creature and The Day The World Ended may share similar cheesy elements, but no one in their wildest dreams would have thought that these stories took place in the same chronology - until now.

American International Pictures (AIP) decided to try its hand at the shared universe game by calling on executive producer Jeff Katz to connect as many as ten AIP movies into a cohesive timeline and narrative. Snakes On A Plane is regarded as one of the most well-known modern day B-movies made, and AIP's choice to get one of the people behind it to head this project seems like a fitting choice.

Some AIP classics [Credit: American International Pictures]
Some AIP classics [Credit: American International Pictures]

Details outside of Katz's hiring are currently non-existent, but the AIP shared universe has the chance to either be a roaring homage to all things camp, or an overly-serious bore rooted in cinematic classics such as Girls In Prison.

5. Robin Hood

Errol Flynn (center) as Robin Hood [Credit: Warner Brothers]
Errol Flynn (center) as Robin Hood [Credit: Warner Brothers]

The legend of the lovable rogue has been told in cinema numerous times, but until now no one has tried to make a massive sprawling franchise out of his daring adventures. The latest retelling of the legend will kick off with , starring Taron Egerton as the titular character with Jamie Foxx as Little John.

As unlikely as it may sound, each and every character in the Robin Hood mythos is getting a solo film explaining their origins and motivations. In the words of The Hollywood Reporter, Sony plans to create "a series of movies focusing on the outlaw archer and his band of Merry Men: Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlett. One could say they were the superhero team of England’s Middle Ages."

Check out some of the first on-set shots of Robin Hood: Origins below.

A brand new cinematic adventure starring Robin Hood may make sense, but solo features for Friar Tuck and company sound like the fictional, ill-advised sequels that parodies such as Scary Movie would lampoon (Case in point: Amistad 2). The Robin Hood shared universe was first announced in 2014 but has only recently seen active development and only time will tell if it's a franchise worth seeing or otherwise.


Which brand new shared cinematic universe are you most excited for?

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