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As we all hold hands and pray for the future of love in Hollywood following the announcement of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's split after eight years of marriage, it's with open arms we welcome the cute information brought forth in Faris's memoir, Unqualified. The book, which is still slated for an October release despite their separation, not only features a foreword from Pratt, but reinforces all the reasons these two were hashtag relationship goals in the first place.

Per EW's report, the book has been made available early to some press members and within its pages are countless anecdotes, life tips and general musings — from munching insects, to dealing with being in the public eye, to parenting — all hailing from one half of this (former, sob) Hollywood Power Couple.

Here are four of the best things we learned about their relationship:

1. She Ate A Fly To Win Pratt's Heart

Of all the tactics folks employ to woo a beau, munching upon a dead fly is a niche one to say the least, but that's what Faris did after Pratt swatted one on their first date. A bit of a risk, admittedly — not everyone would react well to their new lover recreating the grossest part of an I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here episode — but it was worth it!

2. They Married In Secret

Spontaneity played a huge part int their marriage, including the way they tied the knot. In Bali celebrating a friend's wedding, they noted that their hotel offered a marriage option along with a room — bargain! — and eloped the following week, once their pals had gone home.

3. On-Screen Romances With Other Actors Do Hit A Nerve

We regularly ponder whether actor couples get big jelly shakes on seeing their partners making out with someone else on screen; of course it's part of the territory, but surely it's a bit weird? Refreshingly, Faris reveals that she does get pangs of jealously (as would most), but rather than letting herself become affected by those scenes and surrounding media coverage — like Pratt and JLaw's sex scene in Passengers for example — she befriends the other person to dispel the doubts.

4. Pratt Is Legit Super Romantic

As if you couldn't love this Guardian of the Galaxy any more than you do already, Faris has to go and tell us all the incredibly romantic gestures he'd do for her on the regs. He would braid her hair; write her poems; send her hand-written letters while they were separated and working on different projects; shower her with considerate gifts; and brought her dessert every evening while she was in the hospital preparing to give birth to their son.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe we're pretty happy he's back on the market...

Kidding. This sucks.

Did you think Faris and Pratt were the best couple?

(Source: EW)


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