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Dania Lerman

Well HERE'S a blast from the past!

Remember the very first Transformers? Back in the 80s, when they were cartoon characters who could, apparently, be attacked with a stick? Well here's its UNSEEN (and totally GORGEOUS) original concept art, which just takes us back even before.

Here's what must've been the first ever draft of Cybertron:

So Cybertron, the planet, was going to be its OWN Transformer?! WILD.

Ever heard of the "Anibots"? The Autobot beasts who never made it into the movie? Ever wondered what they looked like? Check THIS out:

GOSH those are cool! It's like...Transformers could've had this mystical, almost Hobbit-style touch of fantasy...neat, huh? So let's fast forward for a sec:

Isn't hard to believe these guys were born from such a dreamy artistic vision? Man oh MAN they've come far!


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