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might have single-handedly won the internet in the past two weeks with his ability to completely hype up fans for the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past. First, he confirmed there will be Sentinels, then he teased about a potential Nightcrawler return, and finally made the internet lose its damn MIND when he cast in the role of the main villain.

Singer continues to tease fans by supplying a steady drip of tantalizing information about the upcoming film, with much of that information coming directly from his official Twitter account.

His most recent was a picture of the wheelchairs that both and will be rolling around in as Professor Charles Xavier:

Pretty sweet rides right there.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be hitting theaters July 18, 2014 (WHAT?! You mean I have to wait almost another year and a half? GONNA DIE.) and is currently in pre-production.


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