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News regarding 2018's Halloween sequel has been mum for quite some time now; until today that is.

In an interview, Danny Mcbride gave fans a peek at the ideas he and co-writer and director David Gordon Green have in mind for Michael Myers. And one of their concepts involves taking the horror icon back to his terrifying roots.

Michael Myers in 'Halloween' [Credit: Compass International]
Michael Myers in 'Halloween' [Credit: Compass International]

Digging right in, here's what McBride had to say about his Halloween project, when speaking to the Empire Film Podcast.

Look at where the Halloween franchise has gone. There’s a lot of room for improvement,” McBride joked. David and I are coming from it as, we are horror fans, and we are humongous fans of John Carpenter and of what he did with the original Halloween, so I think from watching this and being disappointed by other versions of this series, I think we’re just trying to strip it down and just take it back to what was so good about the original. It was just very simple and just achieved that level of horror that wasn’t corny and it wasn’t turning Michael Myers into some supernatural being that couldn’t be killed. That stuff to me isn’t scary. I want to be scared by something that I really think could happen.

I think it’s much more horrifying to be scared by someone standing in the shadows while you’re taking the trash out as opposed to someone who can’t be killed pursuing you.

McBride Makes A Great Point

Michael Myers in Halloween II. [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Michael Myers in Halloween II. [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Over the years, the Halloween movies have been hits and misses. The misses were often sequels that tried to explain various methods behind Michael's madness.

What the writers of these sequels misunderstood was that Michael Myers isn't Jason Voorhees. His strength lies in his mystery, and that's the lore the original two Halloween films tried to uphold. Staying true to that is one of many things the new film needs to do.

So Danny McBride's statements are exciting to read. He and David Gordon Green certainly seem to be true fans at heart. And if this turns out to be the case, we could have another classic Halloween film on our hands.

Should They Remove Michael's Supernatural Abilities Though?

Michael Myers in 'Halloween II' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Michael Myers in 'Halloween II' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

The only off-putting part of Danny McBride's interview was his indication that their version of Michael Myers may be a mere man in a mask. That isn't exactly true to any rendition of Myers. Even his early incarnations strongly suggested he wasn't an ordinary human being.

In fact, Michael Myers was credited as "The Shape" in the original , a nickname created by John Carpenter to add to Michael's terrifying mystique. And it means that while Michael has two arms, two legs, and a head, he still isn't exactly like you and I.

Which is terrifying.

I could be looking too hard into McBride's ideas, however. Perhaps he only meant he wants to revert Mike back to his original form, and doesn't plan on stripping Michael of all his supernatural capabilities, hopefully.

'Halloween' [Credit: Compass International]
'Halloween' [Credit: Compass International]

Anyhow, I have 100% faith in Danny McBride and David Gordon Green. From what we've heard so far, they have the right ideas for the next sequel.

Michael Myers comes home on October 19, 2018.


Do You Think Michael Myers Should Lose His Supernatural Abilities?

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